Reinventing the Z: Part 1 and 2

by Team Sony 02/26/2010, in Categories For Records, VAIO

We all have our favorite things.  Mine: evening baseball games, ski trips and movie night.  When it comes to my favorite VAIO notebook, it’s the Z Series hands down.  I use a Z Series both at work and at home.  And when I got my first sneak peak at the newly redesigned Z Series – as you did at CES last month – I couldn’t have been more excited.

And now, with the new Z Series available for presale on, I wanted to offer you a behind-the-scenes look at the year long project to makeover the Z Series.

What could possibly be so different from the original 1st generation Z Series?  Surprisingly a lot!  From carving the chassis’ core from a single, solid piece of aluminum to adding a backlit keyboard and engineering the world’s first quad SSD configuration in a notebook, there’s so many things to discuss.   So, in this four part series – Reinventing the Z – you’ll uncover the innovations, upgrades and detailed thought that went into giving the Z Series a new look – both inside and out – and why it remains my favorite VAIO Series.

To begin, I’d like to have you meet Product Planner Kaya Kanamori and Chief Project Manager Masahiko Suzuki.  Both highlight their roles and the team’s mission to develop an all new high-performance, ultra-mobile notebook and why in the end they choose the 1st generation Z Series as their starting point and ultimately, their champion.  Check out  the video below for the complete story.

In part two, Designer Shimpei Hirano and others open their sketch books to offer you a candid look at the stories behind the design themes of both the original and the new Z Series.  They also highlight the unique attention they paid to often overlooked features to enhance usability, look and feel – like removing port covers that feedback proved to be an inconvenience and carving the chassis’ core from a single, solid piece of aluminum to reduce parts and enhance durability.  Check out the video below to uncover all the details.

Want to discover more?  Uncover answers to questions not answered in these interviews?  Post your questions below and I’ll hunt down the answers for you.  In the meantime, check back next week for more in this series and visit for complete model details.

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