Interviews with the Sony VAIO Z Notebook Designers

by Gina 02/11/2010, in Categories For Records, VAIO

Last month we announced an entirely new, reinvented VAIO Z series notebook. Combining the strengths of the previous models with new materials and technologies, the Sony designers set out to create the next thing in mobile computing.

With its release, we’ve seen tremendous feedback and today, a favorable review of one of the Z models by techie blogger, Engadget. A series of videos were created to provide a little more insight into the overall project, design, usability and general engineering of the new VAIO Z.These videos are a fun, quick, thing to watch. Take a look and let me know what detail surprised you the most. For me, I think I thought it was cool that they recessed the ports. I am one of those people who bang things up constantly and having that extra l little port protection completely makes sense to me. I’m curious on what details you found most fascinating.

The VAIO Z notebooks are available now on and at your local Sony Style store. There is also a Glossy Carbon  and Metal Mosaic Z series notebooks available as part of the Signature Collection, a limited edition production only available at Sony Style.

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