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by Team Sony 02/16/2010

Be one of the first to “fan” Sony dash on a brand new Sony dash Facebook page! We’ve created the page to respond to the flood of excitement we’ve received since announcing dash at CES in January. The Sony dash Fanpage is the place to keep up to date with what’s new and to share your enthusiasm for the brand new personal Internet viewer which will be available in April for $199 from Sony Style.

Along with the launch of the new Facebook page, we’re also announcing a new Netflix application. As you may know, dash is powered by 1000+ apps from Sony’s Bravia™ Internet Video platform and the chumby industries, inc. personalized content channel.  These apps allow you to do all kinds of things like check your Facebook page, keep an eye on sports scores, see traffic updates before you hit the road and much, much more. Now with the new Netflix app you can instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes on dash’s vivid 7-inch touch screen display.

What’s nice about viewing Netflix video on dash, is it’s easy to put it in any room, so you’re not stuck poking your head in the living room to watch a movie while you really need to be in the kitchen making dinner. Keep dash on the countertop in the kitchen or on the night stand in your bedroom or any other room in the house, it’s really up to you. You watch where you want and because dash works with your home broadband network wirelessly, it’s constantly updating and refreshing so if you click over to see, for example, your friend’s status updates on Facebook, you get that information real-time. 

So, we’ll see you on Don’t forget to fan the page and be one of the first to know the latest about Sony dash. You can also stay up to date on what’s new in the world of Sony Electronics Products on  


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  1. guest_user wrote: February 16, 2010 3:40pm

    I guess this thing will never come out in europe right?

  2. guest_user wrote: February 16, 2010 5:52pm

    @ Sukhjit :

    is there some date you can give us, when Sony dash will be released over here in Europe? Thanks.

  3. guest_user wrote: February 17, 2010 12:36pm

    Hello @elfirmware and “me”. Nice to see you both and thanks for the comments. There really is a lot of excitement around dash world wide… right now, I can tell you it will be available in the United States soon but I don’t have any dates for a European launch.

  4. Anonymous wrote: June 12, 2010 9:38pm

    i did like what Dash has as features, it`d be perfect if it comes with battery and internet ex[plorer to check emails,…

  5. Anonymous wrote: August 18, 2010 8:53am


    When does Dash come to Europe? Or does sony sell any adapter for the EU system?



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