We Just Lowered Pricing On Select New 2010 Bravia TVs

by Gina 01/29/2010

Telling folks about price reductions is usually reserved for Twitter followers (@SonyOutletUSA ) but today’s news is big and I’d want someone to tell me about it. It’s big because we’ve lowered our prices on some of our new 2010 Bravia TV models available now for pre-order. 

Here are some highlights…

2010 Bravia NX800 Series (with new Bravia design)

46” (KDL46NX800): Was $2,599.99; Now $2,299.99

52” (KDL-52NX800): Was $3,399.00; Now $2,799.99

60” (KDL60NX800): Was 4,599.99; Now $3,499.99

2010 Bravia NX700 Series:

40” (KDL40NX700): Was $2,099.00; Now $1,699.99

46” (KDL46NX700): Was $2,599.99; Now $2,099.99

2010 Bravia EX700 Series:

32” (KDL32EX700): Was $1,099.99; Now $999.99

40” (KDL40EX700): Was $1,699.99; Now $1,399.99

46” (KDL46EX700): Was $2,199.99; Now $1,699.99

52” (KDL52EX700): Was $2,799.99; Now $2,199.99

60” (KDL60EX700): Was $3,899.99; Now $2,999.99

2010 Bravia EX500 Series:

32” (KDL32EX500): Was $799.99; Now $699.99

40” (KDL40EX500): Was $1,099.99; Now $899.99

46” (KDL46EX500): Was $1,599.99; Now $1,099.99

55” (KDL55EX500): Was $2,399.99; Now $1,899.99

60” (KDL60EX500): Was $3,399.99; Now $2,499.99

2010 Bravia EX400 Series:

32” (KDL32EX400): Was $599.99; Now $549.99

40” (KDL40EX400): Was $799.99; Now $699.99

46” (KDL46EX400): Was $1,199.99; Now $899.99

2010 BX300 Series

22” (KDL22BX300): Was $349.99; Now $299.99

32” (KDL32BX300): Was $499.99; Now $449.99

You can check out all the new 2010 Bravia TVs here. Now for people who already pre-ordered their 2010 Bravia TV, you get the benefit as well. Once the shipments have arrived, your order will be processed at these new prices. Enjoy.

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  1. mingo wrote: January 30, 2010 2:04am

    wow thats great, im shocked, good job sony!

  2. Gina wrote: January 31, 2010 10:54pm

    Thanks mingo! – Gina (Blog Editor)

  3. Jude3 wrote: February 4, 2010 11:58pm

    I love these new TVs so much but how can I buy one of these when 3D is on the way? If the 3d tvs had that same design, that would be awesome!

  4. Gina wrote: February 10, 2010 11:23am

    Hi Jude 3 :-) Good to know. I passed your suggestion (the design suggestion) onto the 3D team :-) Thanks as always for posting your feedback. It’s always helpful. -Gina (Blog Editor)

  5. guest_user wrote: February 16, 2010 7:36pm

    I’m extremely disappointed that no new sets have P&P feature (was TwinView on my SXRD). I use this feature all the time (along with others I know) and I can’t see buying a big screen set without it. Then I see the EX500 & EX700 have PiP which is only for combination with a PC input and I am really confused why Sony would provide that feature. I don’t even care about needing twin tuner like on my SXRD since one window is always my hdmi to cable box input. However, it would be great if both windows could use a non-tuner input since digital cable limits what I can watch without a cable box any more.

  6. guest_user wrote: March 13, 2010 1:41pm

    I share the previous poster’s concern. Why is SONY going backwards, the 2008 series all had PIP but then the 2009 series had none and now the 2010 series only get a PC input PIP. One of the main reasons I would buy a 60″ TV is to be able to watch two channels at the same time. At least in the USA that’s a must!

  7. guest_user wrote: March 26, 2010 10:20am


    Have you checked out the PIP on the NX800 series TV? PIP with a PC connected? Let me know how it works.



  8. Anonymous wrote: January 19, 2011 11:41pm

    I too am very disappointed in the PIP on this TV, should be listed as PCIP, I have cable and satellite and only get network channels on cable, so picture and picture would be great if I could select what inputs I watched. Why would I want to connect my PC to my TV anyway, I have a bluray player already and my computer has a monitor. I just don`t understand SONY engineers thinking on this one.


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