Flashback Friday: Sony TC-66 Portable Cassette Recorder

by Gina 01/22/2010, in Flashback Friday

1971: You could invest your paycheck into the newly invented NASDAQ, finally vote at age 18 and record the audio details of your Saturday night parties with the Sony TC-66 Portable Cassette-Corder. With a built-in microphone and option of plug-in or battery power, this portable puppy was all you needed to document your day (or document and decide to erase…I don’t judge).

I was particularly inspired by its 1971 commercial featuring a party table like it was 1999. If my birthdays had a spread like that every year, I don’t think I’d mind so much growing older.

So as your tuck your bloggies into your pocket as you head out the door this weekend, appreciate the TC-66 and those who gallantly recorded before you. Why? Because it’s Flashback Friday and perhaps some thirty years from now you might just see your gadget here.

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