Sony Style Launches With Ratings & Reviews

by Gina 12/08/2009

It’s amazing what you can now do on your mobile phone. You can locate a bathroom, price check products, and even draw on a Times Square billboard. We too wanted to be able to help our customers so we began work on mobile friendly ways to help you make shopping decisions on the go.


This is a new tool you can access on any mobile browser which displays customer product ratings & reviews from Similar to our site, you select the product category you’d like to research and see various gadgets by star rating. If you want to dive in, you can sort or even read customer reviews right from your phone.

While many of us leverage customer ratings & reviews in our pre-buy research, it’s not so easy while shopping in-store. Hopefully this tool can help you make better decisions in a mobile world. The site ( works on any phone with a mobile browser so it doesn’t have to be a Sony Ericsson phone to work.
Plus as this site grows, you’ll be able to find other mobile treasures like news on special demos, sales and events.Since it’s literally a few days old, I apologize in advance as we work through any little kink. I like to say it’s still in “beta” :-) I wanted to share this exciting news with our blog readers.

If you have a chance to visit on your phone, please come back and let us know what you think (what you like and don’t like) and if you’d like to see more mobile goodies like this.

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  1. guest_user wrote: December 9, 2009 5:09am

    I have a Sony Digital Video Camera Recorder. Model- DCR-HC20E. But I don’t have any software CD to capture video from my camera. I don’t know how I save my videos. There have anyone to help me?

  2. Gina wrote: December 9, 2009 1:00pm

    Hi Guest,
    Hmm, this looks like it’s not a US model so I am not completely familiar with non US models and would recommend reaching out to your local Sony Tech Support. But we do have downloads to Picture Motion Browser software on our US esupport site which will allow folks to save video on a PC via USB cable. Hope this info helps – Gina (Blog Editor)

  3. gbsantamonica wrote: December 10, 2009 12:28pm

    WOW! It’s so simple to navigate. I only wish I’d been able to use it when I was shopping for my BRAVIA TV last year! I bet the salesguy at Best Buy would have used it too when he couldn’t come up with an answer to one of my numerous questions about how other customers liked their BRAVIAs. As for the “kinks”, I haven’t found any so far…

  4. Gina wrote: December 10, 2009 2:03pm

    HI Guest – thrilled to hear you like it and thanks for giving it a test drive :-) If you think of other mobile friendly things you’d like to see from us, let us know. Thanks again – Gina (Blog Editor)

  5. guest_user wrote: December 17, 2009 6:56am

    why is your (and blocking me? I’m trying to look up info on a DSC-TX1/H and I’m getting an error message telling me that I’m not authorized to view this page.

    Do you only have “authorized” customers? Seems like an odd business plan, if you do restrict your site.


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