Add a Personal Touch to the Sony Gifts You Give: Engrave It!

by Team Sony 12/04/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO


I love to see my name on things. Partly because my name is unusual and as a kid I could never find it on trinkets and tchotchkes like my friends with names like Jennifer or Elizabeth. I always wanted one of those mini license plates with the letters s-u-k-h-j-i-t stamped into it…but with a name like mine, no luck. It’s fun to have things personalized with your name or even a favorite saying. Today, I’m happy to tell you that I can get my name on things much cooler than a cheesy license plate. I can engrave names or a message on my favorite Sony gear like a VAIO PC, Cyber-shot camera or Reader digital book.

Here in San Diego we have a manufacturing facility where products like the VAIO are assembled after they’re purchased from When you order online you can personalize that product by choosing things like hard drive size and body color and style. In addition you can take the personalization of your Sony product to the next level by engraving a personal message.

We are full swing into the holiday season and as you can see from the video, our engraving machine is working nonstop. If you’re thinking about personalizing the Sony gifts you give this season with a note, quote or name, go to the Find the Sony gear you want, if it has an “Engrave It” button on the page then you can have it personalized. I just looked at the site and right now there is no cost for some of the products. That’s a great deal… so if this is something you want to do, don’t wait!

By the way, the video is a rare glimpse into our manufacturing facility so I hope you enjoyed the brief look inside. Big thanks to J.T. Griebe for the tour and information. J.T. is a production supervisor at the facility and an excellent tour guide. He’s worked at Sony for almost 10 years and has seen a lot of products personalized. I asked him about his favorite engraved message of all time and he said it came on a Sony VAIO purchased as a high school graduation gift for a college bound coed… The message etched on the top of his screen simply said: “Call your mother.”







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