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by Gina 11/26/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO

I could try to write something fun but let’s face it. When we’re in the Black Friday zone we don’t care. Heck I’ve pushed mannequins over to get to what I need (true story, not proud). And what I need are sales, deals and prices. So for my fellow bargain shoppers out there, I wish you happy hunting and here’s the scoop  on Black Friday offers from Thanks for considering us.

Let’s start with VAIOs:

  • VAIO FW Series Notebooks: We’re offering savings up to $520 on customized VAIO FW series notebooks. This is a popular machine for gaming so the best value here are savings in CPU (up to $150) and RAM ($100 savings on 8G upgrades). The biggest hard drive available is also reduced by $30. This will end Dec.19.
  • VAIO CW Series Notebooks: A good home office computer or one for students. For a customized VAIO CW notebook, you can save up to $350 in upgrades between now and Dec. 19. Again biggest savings for value is by upgrading your processor and RAM (memory). During this weekend only (11/26-11/30) all customized CW notebook orders also get the option of upgrading to higher graphics and to Blu-ray at no additional cost (free).
  • VAIO AW Series Notebooks: Just this Black Friday weekend (11/26-11/30), the AW450/H model is on sale for $900 shipped (excluding tax). I do know this is going to be the lowest price offered on our site over the holiday.
  • Hot Models: I’ve gotten a ton of questions asking if we will offer sales on models like the VAIO X notebook or the VAIO L Touchscreen and I can confirm that this year there will not be any sales on these items and inventory is really limited. I’m just being honest. My advice for folks who are looking to give these as gifts is to order sooner rather than later due to the high demand. If it’s on backorder, I’d suggest putting yourself on the backorder list. I confirmed we are getting some inventory on these so if your name is on backorder you’re at the top of the list when shipments come in.


Talking TVs…

While I’m guessing you’re not planning to get little Billy’s teacher a 40″ HDTV this holiday season, it’s definitely the time for good prices if you’re in the market.

  • We’ll have a Blu-Ray Disc Player (BDPS360) for $129; a really great price (I’m getting one for my folks).
  • Another sweet offer is the Free PS3 (120GB) with purchase of select V Series Bravia TVs. This offer started 3 days ago and already the 40″ and the 46″ options have sold out on (although if you visit a Sony Outlet store, you may be able to find some 46″ TV/PS3 deals still available).
  • We’ll have a couple of good Thanksgiving models out there; best one being a 32″ KDL32L504 for $379 (ends 11/30).
  • And then there’s the big kohuna of free stuff. We have some TV offers that include free Home Theater Systems. My favorite being our 40″ Z Series Bravia TV as the price is reduced by $380 (So $1420 shipped; excluding tax) plus you get a free Blu-Ray Home Theater System (5.1 surround sound, speakers and Blu-ray Disc Player) and a second free Blu-ray Disc Player. Um. That’s $800 worth of free stuff.

The TV offers are great in that you can basically mix and match different items with savings depending on what you have and don’t have. I also know we have a wireless router for about $60 (not so bad). The team put up a special offers page so make sure to check it out.

Gaming, Cameras and Readers… Oh My!

Lots of cameras are reduced in price over this weekend.

  • Alpha-wise, this is going to be some of the nicest pricing of the year so if you’re in the market, I’d go for it.
  • I do know that on Monday (only) the Cyber-shot Digital Camera (DSCW180) will be $100 shipped (excl tax).
  • Now for Readers, the hot holiday ticket. The best deal online is going to be a free accessory ($30 value) with purchase. Here’s a tip. We are getting almost daily shipments of some of the Reader models so if you see it backordered, put your name on the list because they get filled in the order it’s received and you still get the deal offered at the time you order it.


I hope this helps place our key offers in one place for you to easily skim through.  If you’re checking the site when I posted this (midnight), these offers may not be on the site just yet but as we’re all researching right now, I wanted to share early. Now this is just a blog post so some of these sales end Sunday night and some go past Black Friday weekend. Offers can’t be combined with other offers (or coupons) and it’s always based on availability. These prices exclude tax and there also could be limitations to how many you can buy. The lesson of today is to make sure to check the site and specific offer for restrictions.

Happy shopping & Turkey Day.

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