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SD DJs in the House

by Team Sony 11/16/2009

What happens when you gather up a group of radio personalities gearing up for the holiday season in a Sony Style store full of holiday gear? Well, for the group we hosted at the Fashion Valley San Diego Sony Style store we got a lot of “oooohs” and “aaaahs”!

Last Friday we invited Local DJs and their teams to come experience Sony products first hand. It was a chance to try the gear and get tips and advice from the Sony Style staff.

Here’s Ranson from Sony Style talking about the panoramic feature on the Cybershot DSC-TX1


Many thanks to Haze, Frankie V, Delana, Chip Franklin, Cliff Albert, Jimmy Steele, Carolyn, Jeremy, Noreen, Brad, Cindy Spicer, Dave Rickards and Eddie Pappani for sharing their morning with us. By the way, the pictures and video I shot are from the Red Sony DSC-TX1 you see in the top picture of this post.  





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