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Professional Take: Photo Tips & Tricks From Nigel Barker

by Gina 11/24/2009

Who do you know that was in Hawaii for the season finale of a top reality show and then flew straight to New York to participate in an expert panel video shoot? Talk about commitment.  The person I’m talking about is Mr. Nigel Barker (model reality show Nigel, not dancing reality show, Nigel) :-)

Before Nigel Barker was known by TV viewers across the globe as the eloquently honest and talented reality show judge, Nigel had already been extremely well known in the world of fashion.  For the past twenty years Nigel Barker has been taking the world of fashion by storm shooting spreads for popular magazines and brands in some of the most brilliant locations on earth. One of his latest ventures has been joining Sony’s Panel of Experts offering his perspective on the best photo angles, lighting and techniques.

As we jump into the holiday season, we figured there would be loads of moments when that tiny tip could come in handy so we asked Nigel to help us create a series of videos that share his secrets for capturing the right moment via photo or video in a variety of settings. Nigel lends his expertise for weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, even pets.  My favorite is Nigel’s tip to take holiday photos at the beginning of the evening rather than the end. People arrive looking fresh. I thought of about 10 friends of mine that would greatly appreciate that tip based on their “holiday spirits”.

I included some of his videos below and if you like what you see, you can check out his “Photo Tips & Tricks” page on our website. If you like these types of tips, let us know (so we know what to do more of). Also if you have other tips to help me and other readers get better at taking, please share. Our relatives will thank you.

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  1. mere wrote: March 5, 2010 9:28am

    how do you take better still shots on the Sony Handycam DCR-SX41?

  2. Gina wrote: March 8, 2010 6:25pm

    Hi Mere,
    Happy to offer some tips :-) First, be sure to put it in photo mode, rather than taking pics while in video mode. Also, make sure there’s plenty of light. Camcorder CCDs are going to add a lot of noise (little dots of color that don’t belong, easily noticed on solid backgrounds) in low-light situations. Lastly, turn SteadyShot off and rest the camera on a solid surface, rather than holding it in your hand. These pics should help maximize what the camera is capable of. Hope this helps! Thanks -Gina Blog Editor)


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