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Capturing Memories: From DigiDads to Drumsticks

by Team Sony 11/24/2009

I am looking forward to seeing my parents for Thanksgiving. It is unclear who is cooking the turkey or who might be over for dinner (in our house that’s part of the adventure). But I am sure of one thing: I am taking my Cyber-shot camera and Handycam camcorder with me to capture our gathering, the confusion over who is cooking, the feast when it is finally done, even my nephew playing the piano… I want to capture and have all these memories for myself and to share with everyone I love. 

Come to think of it, capturing the simplest moments in life create unforgettable memories. 

I was reminded of this while reading the latest installment of posts by our group of Sony DigiDads. For their last project we asked the Dads to share a family outing using the Handycam Camcorder A330L, TX1 Cybershot digital camera, Alpha A330l DSLR and VAIO P laptops. Each dad reported back with a unique perspective on the products and on how they used the gadgets to tell a story. From Attention Max’s Halloween parties and High Tech Dad’s Trick or Treating to DadLabs Hula Hoop Porch Party and Dad-o-Matic’s Sony VAIO P-metrical video (embedded below) these posts tell stories of families having fun together. No matter how simple or complicated the production, these posts have one thing in common, they feature high quality photos and videos of memories that will be around forever. 

I hope you don’t forget your cameras and camcorders this week. Charge your batteries and make sure to visit the Sony DigiDad’s pages to be inspired by ways you can capture your holiday event.  


Hope you enjoyed the video. It goes without saying, we don’t advise using your laptop to play table tennis, but we do hope that you find inspiration from the great moments our Sony Dads created. Visit each Dad’s page to find out how they used technology to capture their fun family memories.

The Sony Vaio P-mercial 

Porch Party

Halloween Season

Sony Witch Project: A Halloween with Sony Gear


Check back here in a few days for ideas on how you can use Sony products to share what you’ve captured too.


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  1. guest_user wrote: November 25, 2009 1:43pm

    Great inspirational article! Thank you for reminding me to actually DO SOMETHING with all the images captured from family events (other than just tossing them into the archive). Much love to Sony and the blog contributor(s).

  2. guest_user wrote: November 25, 2009 2:37pm

    I like you will have a video camera and a still camera with me this Thanksgiving, it’d be interesting to know two things:
    1) How many other people do this.
    2) Of those that bring both how much more is one used over the other.

    For me I guarantee that having both cameras simply means that I’ll probably end up using my iPhone more than either the digital still and the video camera, even though both of the latter have far superior picture quality than the former.

    Sukhjit, have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

  3. guest_user wrote: November 27, 2009 10:29pm

    William S, Thanks for the comment. Glad to have been able to connect you with some inspiration. The Sony Dad’s did a pretty incredible job with their projects. It’s hard not to be inspired to pick up your camera a do something! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. –sukhjit

  4. guest_user wrote: November 27, 2009 10:35pm

    Todd S, Yes! I am so guilty of that too.. I have also been a bit spoiled by the convenience of the camera on my phone and convenience of using it to grab a moment. But truthfully, it’s been a real eyeopening experience to get my hands on quality gear. Since I got the TX1, I have not left the house without it. I use it to take pictures and short video. For more important stuff, the Handycam wins out. Tomorrow I am using it to capture my nephew playing the piano. He is applying for music programs and I’m in charge of helping him with the live performance recording part of his application. For something that important, nothing but quality gear will do. Best wishes to you Todd, and thank you so much for leaving a comment here! –sukhjit


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