The Making of the VAIO X Series: Part 1 and 2

by Team Sony 10/30/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO

As many of you have probably already heard, Sony recently unveiled the World’s lightest notebook in the VAIO X Series.

In addition to the detailed information we passed along at the announcement in NYC, I wanted to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the X Series.

In this 7 part series, you’ll learn about the unique engineering challenges, surprising design inspirations and innovative technology used to transform the VAIO X series from concept to notebook directly from those who worked on the project.

The series kicks off with the following two installments:

Part 1:  Hayashi Kaoru, Chief Project Manager, offers an overview of the project and answers why the VAIO X Series was developed and what he hopes customers take away from it.

Part 2:  Lead Project Engineer Shibata Takashi provides insight into the engineering technology used to make the VAIO X series an incredible ½ an inch thin.

Want to discover more?  Uncover answers to questions not covered in these interviews?  Post your questions below and I’ll hunt down the answers for you.  In the meantime, check back next week for more in this series.

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