VAIO Quick Tip: Locating Your VAIO PC’s Model Number

by Team Sony 10/30/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO

I’ve been reading a lot of chatter on the blog and forum lately about whether a customer’s specific model is either:

  • Supported and upgradeable to Windows 7
  • Eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7 if recently purchased

One part of discovering information on either of these topics is locating your specific model number.  From what I’ve put together, it seems as though some customers may be incorrectly referencing a number on the bottom of the notebook as their model number.  I believe this has been creating some confusion when the assumed model number gets entered into a site like and comes back as non-supported.  To help in the matter, this Quick Tip will offer you the facts about where and how to determine your exact model number.

To begin, VAIO PC model numbers always begin with the prefix “VGN-“, “VGC-” or “VPC”.  The PCG number on the bottom of most notebooks is not your model number; rather, it’s a reference number to an internal hardware component.

An example of a specific VAIO model number is:  VGN-Z610Y/B or VPCCW1SGX/U (newer models only)

That being said, you can always find the exact model number of your PC, starting with the prefixes above, in the lower right hand corner of your LCD bezel.  Click the photo above to zoom in and see a model number’s exact location (yes, that’s my slightly dusty work PC).

I hope you find this helpful!

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