Live Update From NYC Event

by Team Sony 10/07/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO

It’s loud, crowded and so many things happening all at once.  I’m not sure which way to turn – there are so many interviews and photos I want to bring you.

With the new product announcements behind us, the event is  in full gear.  In one section of Guastavino’s huge facility – which is incorporated into the foundation of a bridge – noted urban artist Anthony Uranga is beginning work on a giant mural, symbolizing the creativity that goes into each VAIO.

In another corner, Thomas Pendelton is preparing his artwork for a live VAIO tattoo for one dedicated fan – a real tattoo!  We’ll have more on this, including an interview with Thomas, a little bit later.

And finally, in another corner, something that everyone is looking forward to, a live performance from Cirque Berzerk.  In the middle of everything stands the large stage where Cirque Bizerk will perform.  I’ve heard they’ll be incorporating the newly announced VAIO X Series into their routine.  Sounds dangerous but stay tuned to discover just how they pull that off.

For now though back to work.  Sukhjit, Jennifer and I will be covering everything that happens tonight including Cirque Bizerk’s performance and interviews with all the celebrities – in fact I think I just saw Mischa Barton walk by.  Remember, you can follow the ongoing conversation live on twitter @sonyelectronics using #VAIO7.  You can also follow us on YouTube and Facebook.  We’ll be posting updates and live vlogs throughout the night.  Plus, if you have a question for someone, leave it below and we’ll see if we can hunt down the answer.

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