Inside The VAIO7 Experience in NYC

by Team Sony 10/16/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO

There’s no doubt that last week’s VAIO event in NYC was packed with exciting news and one amazing performance.  Guastavino’s was the perfect location for the event.  Located in Midtown, the unique facility is incorporated into the foundation of the Queensboro bridge.  Stunning 13 foot windows and massive cathedral-like mason archways span throughout, creating a dramatic backdrop for both Cirque Berzerk’s performance and the new VAIO PC announcements.

As the event began, we rolled out the red carpet for special guests such as Twilight’s Peter Facinelli, Mischa Barton, Samantha Cole and Nigel Barker, among others.  As Sukhjit mentioned in her post, it was so much fun to see all the different celebrities pose with the new VAIO models, especially with the whirlwind of screaming paparazzi elbowing for space and to snap the perfect shot.  Get a feel for the excitement from the red carpet in her clip below.

Once everyone had arrived, Mike Abary, Senior Vice President of the VAIO business group kicked off the night with some exciting news – the announcement of 3 new VAIO models including the X Series, L Series and CW Series.

Xavier Lauwaert, VAIO Sr. Product Manager, offers demos of both the exciting new touch L Series All-in-one (my favorite) and the CW Series in the videos below.

Following Mike Abary’s announcement, Sukhjit caught up with both Mike and Microsoft’s David Fester to ask a few questions about the breaking news.  Watch their interview below.

As the night progressed, I wanted to take a moment to discover what our favorite guests thought about the latest VAIO models and Windows 7.  Check out their reactions below.

The night was topped off with an amazing acrobatic performance by Cirque Berzerk.  Jump over to our flickr page to check out all the photos from the show.  However, Cirque Berzerk wasn’t the only thing to see at the event.  Symbolizing VAIO qualities, four different sections or vignettes were laid out to showcase “performance”, “service”, “create” and “innovate”.  With a Backstage section representing “service” and Cirque Berzerk making “performance”  all their own, noted urban artist Anthony Uranga held down “create” with a little bit of spray paint and whole lot of canvas.

And grabbing the most attention throughout the night, celebrity tattoo artist Thomas Pendleton represented “innovate”.  In fact, Thomas went so far as to tattoo one lucky VAIO fan with a personalized VAIO tattoo – live!  Watch Sukhjit’s interview with Thomas below.  And don’t forget to check out the rest of the photos and videos from the event on our flickr and YouTube pages – including the finished tattoo!

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