Style Byte: 345 Million & Counting…

by Gina 09/25/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO

When you come to Sony you can find many communities to get involved in. We’ve got a VAIO community, a Sony Electronics Community, and even a new community for Reader fans, but today’s style byte doesn’t talk about those. Today’s style byte highlights the aspect of “community” developed by you, owners of Sony products (and let’s give cred to those e budding entrepreneurs with some cool ideas). Because let’s be honest. When I look for a product I go to my friends & other owners. When I buy a product, I personally use it and share that content (photos, videos, gadget) with my friends. If I want tips, I look to other owners for info (most recently I looked up cheat codes for a  video game I just bought. ha).

I think it’s time to pay tribute to everyone out there because really….it’s not about the community “on Sony” – it’s about the community “of Sony”.

So what the meaning behind 345 million? Well I’ll give you a hint. Today’s byte focuses on Flickr.  It’s a good topic to cover since we recently announced our latest line of AlphaCyber-shot cameras.

Flickr has two cool features which can help with researching a camera and introduce you to fellow owners & enthusiasts (of all levels) after you purchase one.

First up is Flickr’s Camera Finder Feature: In addition to ratings & reviews on; you can use this feature to locate photos (items) related to the specific camera model you’re looking for.

When Flickr members upload a photo/item, they can associate them with a camera and these photos then get displayed via the camera finder. The photos range from professional level photos to novice.  You simply select the model you’re interested in and presto – instant examples. I can be helpful to see lighting, quality and just general usage examples. The finder includes new camera models but also older models (if perhaps you’re looking to purchase a refurbished or outlet item).

Over 2.3 million items have been uploaded and associated with the Alpha DSLR-A700camera alone. Umm yeah that’s a lot of items..

So you purchased a Sony camera, now what? Other than to start taking photos, you’ve got some options. If you’re interested in connecting with other customers who own that specific model, you might want to join a group.

I searched “Cybershot” and pages of groups came up. The top one titled “Sony Cybershot Owners” with over 2,800 members. Now if they are referring to product specs, fixes, etc. I can’t confirm if the info is correct (as it isn’t an official statement or an officially endorsed group by Sony), but what I can confirm is that it is a group of fellow owners you can identify with, discuss items with, etc. Flickr also has some other helpful groups around interests, geo, etc. From my experience in groups, they tend to be welcoming, helpful and responsive and you’re free to participate as much or little as you like.

This is just scratching the surface of the vast discussion out there and content being shared that was captured associated with Sony fans & products. We’ll continue to highlight some of these finds based on your interest.  If you belong to or know of other cool aspects of the “Community OF Sony” in this vast world of the internet, email me or share your thoughts by commenting. You can be the next style byte.

You may have noticed I still haven’t given the meaning behind 345 million…Does anyone know?

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