In Their Words: Keyboard Development

by Team Sony 09/17/2009

In this ongoing series of short conversations, VAIO designers offer a candid look into their overall development philosophies and design inspirations.  From hardware to color, hear directly from them on the thought and purpose put into each aspect of design and construction and the emotions they hope to evoke from you with it.

This week’s conversation¬†spotlights keyboard design and development. ¬†Designer Morisawa-san discusses the importance of this often overlooked hardware and what Sony did to improve upon it.

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  1. guest_user wrote: September 29, 2009 9:58pm

    Thanks for focusing on this very important aspect of the machine! I will use this golden opportunity to communicate to the Vaio designers that, especially for writers or users who writes a lot, the so called “isolated keyboard” shown in the video is VERY MUCH TO BE PREFERRED compared to the keyboards of the W and P series, no matter how “isolated” they can be said to be.

    My point is a bit different and has to do with the keyboard layout concerning the size and location of the right shift key, especially in direct relation to the arrow keys, and especially the arrow up key.

    On the above mentioned Vaio models (W and P) many users have complained about the enhanced risk of mistyping when the right shift key is so “tangled” in between the others keys generally, and especially so close to the up arrow key.

    BTW, the keyboard layout of the Vaio T series is an excellent example of how to make a VERY GOOD KEYBOARD IN THIS RESPECT.

    Please take this into serious consideration with upcoming models, and please make modifications in this respect with the next P model to be announced later this fall.

    Can some of the designers please comment on this issue?

  2. guest_user wrote: February 6, 2010 3:47am

    I was wondering if Sony are aware of my keyboard development project at: which helps to stop double hitting of keys on smaller touch screen or netbook keyboards?
    There is a first stage prototype application available for download from android .com that will run on most android powered touch screen phones.
    It would be interesting to get some feedback from Sony on this project.

    Bert wishes,
    David Baker.


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