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DigiDads Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane and Connect Generations

by Team Sony 09/25/2009

When we asked our group of Sony DigiDads to do a project using the latest Sony Hanydcam camcorder, I don’t think any of us knew what we were in for. The project required each Dad to create a video time capsule using the Sony HDR-XR500V to capture family moments and record their heritage. There wasn’t much more direction than that and the Dads were given a week to do their thing. You’d think they’d give us some simple home videos, right? Well, what we got were five amazing and unique glimpses into families, philosophies about storytelling and helpful insight into how to use the gear.

Sony Dad, Jeff Sass calls his post A Family Defined. It is a hilarious back and forth dialog between his parents with a secret recipe for spaghetti pie revealed in the video. (Jeff- Can your Mom write that recipe down for us too, please?)


Each DigiDad has a distinct style both in the videos they created and what they wrote in their Heritage Time Machine blogs. Grandfathers and Grandsons by C.C . Chapman is an excellent example of weaving different voices into one story using video. C.C. has three generations of family in his video. It definitely brought a tear to the eye of a few of us here in the office.


Grandfathers & Grandsons from C.C. Chapman on Vimeo.


Michael Sheehan’s Storytelling in the Digital Age is a philosophical look at how technology has changed the art of storytelling from generation to generation. Michael included this video review of the HandyCam on his post too.


Singing for Sony by Brad Powell at Dad Labs was probably the post that made me the most homesick. He talks about how distance kept him from including his parents in his Heritage project so instead he made a video that included his daughter and some of her favorite people singing her favorite song,” O Suzannah”.. It’s without a doubt a great way to have his far away family get to know his daughter.



And finally, Max Kalehoff’s On Grandparenting offers words of wisdom from Max’s dad “GrandEddy”. My favorite moment in the video is watching GrandEddy try to appease crying granddaughter Celeste by saying “What’s the matter… aww sweet boogie”. Now that is just cute and only possible to experience via video. 




All in all, these stories are touching and the moments are real. As our Sony DigiDads have shown us, it’s not too hard to capture simple, yet special memories with video. Why don’t you do a Heritage Project too? 

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  1. guest_user wrote: September 25, 2009 8:56pm

    Thanks for the great overview of our Heritage Project, Sukhjit! People have asked me why I would put all the time into these posts for Sony, when all I get is to borrow some equipment I have to return. This project makes the answer so easy, because the “project” inspired and empowered me to capture a moment in time with my parents that I know my children and I will watch and cherish forever. For that I am truly grateful and it alone has made being a “SonyDad” more than worth the effort.

    As for the Spaghetti Soup… one of the things I discovered in this video interview (that ended up on the cutting room floor) is the fact that my mother has cataloged and saved hundreds of my grandmother’s handwritten recipes. I had no idea. Even better, my oldest son is a senior at Johnson & Wales University, studying to be a chef, and he and I have now discussed turning “Oma’s” recipes into a cookbook after he graduates. Food, glorious food will live on as a Sass family theme!

    -Jeff Sass

  2. guest_user wrote: September 28, 2009 2:34am


  3. guest_user wrote: September 28, 2009 4:47pm

    Jeff, The DigiDad project has been really fun for us to watch too and I’m glad you’re getting more out of it than just a chance to play with cool Sony gear. I really appreciate what you said, that the “necessity” of the project actually inspired and empowered. It’s hard not to feel that way with the content of this particular project, is it? I just wanted to add that my entry to the vlogging world was out of necessity… and it’s been one of the best paths that I’ve taken in my life and career.

    Keep on sending in your great blog posts! Can’t wait to see what’s next especially if it includes your “Oma’s” recipes! With all the generations involved in that fabulous Sass Family food collection, that is a huge heritage project of its own. Hope you’ll share it with us as it comes together.


  4. guest_user wrote: September 28, 2009 9:59pm

    Wow, that was pretty impressive. Very interesting that someone actually found this boring. The cornerstone of our existence has always been family and traditions. We are in many aspects products of our grandparents, parents, siblings , heritage and unique cultures.. This video presentation has made me want to start recording the history of my family and collecting those unique memories that will provide my children and future grandchildren a glimpse of where they come from. No, not boring, This vlog was actually touching.

  5. guest_user wrote: September 29, 2009 2:52am

    I am in the process of creating a family cookbook and I am now inspired to capture my favorite recipes from my mother with a video camera. She is a great cook, but does not write down any of her recipes and I am constantly in the kitchen with her trying to capture the recipes. She cook from the soul and often has a story behind every dish. A video file of some of my favorite dishes would be a great addition to the cookbook . Thanks for the great idea.

  6. guest_user wrote: September 29, 2009 3:09pm

    I was really happy with how this all turned out.

    I’m a sucker for capturing family memories and it is always fun to see other families.


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