Here Come the Dads

by Team Sony 08/19/2009, in Categories For Records, VAIO

There’s been a flurry of
articles and exposure for mommy bloggers these days, so we decided it was time
to get the dads involved. Don’t worry moms–we love working with you and will
keep you involved, but let’s make some room for some big-time daddy bloggers.

Sony has teamed up with several
high profile dads who are avid bloggers and we’re launching a three-month
DigiDad project.

Each participant  will receive various Sony products on loan and
will be given different assignments that capture their family experiences using
the  products. We don’t want to give away
all the details yet, but we can tell you that they’ll be asked to use
everything form our latest televisions to our VAIO PCs.

We’ve got some fun activities
lined up for them and they’ll blog and vlog about their experiences using the
products as well as their likes and dislikes. Reviews will be published on the
dad’s own blogs as well as right here. We’ve dedicated a special DigiDad page
for this project where you can stay apprised of each assignment.

The project is being
spearheaded by uber dad blogger and social networking guru Chris Brogan of New
Marketing Labs
, and

In preparation for the DigiDad project, we asked each dad to
put together a short video telling us why they think they’ve been chosen for
this project. So watch the videos at the links below and check back with us regularly to find
out what they’re up to by clicking on the DigiDad icon or by going to the site directly.

The DigiDads

• Michael Sheehan,
– Meet Michael in his Vlog here.

• Max Kalehoff,
– Meet Max in his Vlog here.

• Brad Powel, 
– Meet Brad in his Vlog here.

• C.C.Chapman, and
– Meet C.C in his Vlog here.

• Jeffrey Sass,
– Meet Jeffrey in his Vlog here.

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