Sony's Shipping and Receiving for the Holidays

by Team Sony 12/08/2008

The last stop on my mini behind-the-scenes tour of three Sony operations the public rarely sees was our logistics center in Carson, Calif. It’s located south of Los Angeles near the port city of Long Beach, where the vast majority of our products manufactured in Asia arrive when they come to the U.S.
We have several buildings in Carson where products are received, checked-in, briefly stored and then
shipped to customers across the U.S. and beyond. This is an especially busy time right in the middle of the holiday season.  The place was buzzing with fork lifts moving all about and trucks coming in and out, delivering and shipping products.
Boxes were stacked in an orderly fashion all around. I saw lots of BRAVIA televisions, Blu-ray Disc players, home A/V receivers, VAIO computers, digital imaging products and accessories like headphones all packed and ready to go.
There also are a number of specialized teams. One such team focuses on
small parcels like cameras and camcorders, which are often shipped by freight services such as Federal Express right to people’s homes in the case of orders through  Another group handles special retail customer requests, which the day I visited involved repacking Sony headphones in a stronger, more theft-resistant plastic material for Sam’s Club stores.
Another specialized service group tucked away in Carson that focuses on quality assurance and customization. 
Manager Parviz Golfeiz and his crew were modifying products for the medical and healthcare market the day I was there.  They also examine selected products that arrive at the site as a final quality check.  In addition, this group gets involved with firmware upgrades that are continually being done on more products these days.
The folks in Carson are the people who ensure Sony products get to retailers and homes in time to make it under millions of Christmas trees. We owe it to the ones who make it happen – David Rodriguez, director of the Western Regional Operation for Sony Supply Chain Solutions, and his team of Sony veterans with years of experience. I hope you enjoy meeting Dave and his team in the
videos we’ve posted.

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  1. guest_user wrote: December 10, 2008 12:59am

    Another Great Job!! I loved the angle of the business that Mr. Clancy showed
    us with this part of the tour. It goes to show that great quality takes time and
    many members of a team to get it right!!! I look at this situation of the economy
    and other factors as survival of the fittest. Companies with the right reasons
    for being in business and standing tallest and longest like Sony will shine true
    and be better throughout all of this entire ordeal. The tour shows us what it
    takes to make it–talent, consistency, longevity (26 years with Sony is
    spectacular) and innovation. Mr. Clancy the tour was very enjoyable and
    Thanks to everyone who participated!!

  2. Anonymous wrote: March 9, 2011 6:29pm

    The story above paints a good picture. while you tell us so much about the logistics, it does not help when customer requests something. i just placed an order for a TV. HOwever in the evening, i got to know that i have to fly out of city and I would not be home for 2 weeks. I asked the customer care immediately if they could just postpone the shipping (it has not shipped yet as discussed by the customer care). The CC simply said, it is not possible. They said that the shipment will return to SONY and will not even re-ship.
    so how does all the talk of excellent logistics help?

    1. Sukhjit wrote: March 10, 2011 2:32pm

      Hello Anonymous. Sorry you’re frustrated. Can you email I wanted to forward them your information, but there no contact info in your post. I want to find out if there is anything that can be done to help you.


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