Ground Control to Major Tom

by Team Sony 12/07/2008

What started in temporary quarters in 1995 in Ft. Myers, Fla. as a consumer call center has morphed into what has now become our master control operation in a sophisticated facility for providing Sony customers across North, Central and South America with the support they need 24/7.  Nowadays, customer inquiries — be they by phone, electronically and, yes, even the mail — are instantly routed to trained agents who can offer an immediate response.  They are located literally around the globe in places like Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, Costa Rica, India, and both coasts of the U.S.
Our team approaching 150 people in Ft. Myers with an average of nine years of Sony experience is constantly tracking where the conversations are taking place, how many people are on hold waiting, and if escalations are necessary. The team provides the agents around the world with the vital training they need to represent Sony effectively and satisfy our customers, including our so-called
Knowledge Base of information and the Sony eSupport Web Site.  
In addition to serving as the nerve center for customer support operations located around the world with its impressive data and voice technology infrastructure (kind of like air traffic control), Ft. Myers is also home to the high-level of support required by our professional business and broadcast industry customers, along with the
Sony Listens operation, and the personal support expected by the company’s exclusive group of "Cierge" consumers and those who may be proud owners of the exquisite QUALIA line of Sony products no longer in production.
I had the opportunity to speak with several members of the elite team who help make customer satisfaction priority No. 1 at Sony.  Please take a look at the
videos we’ve posted from our visit, and if you have any interactions with our customer service folks that you’d like to share here on the blog I invite you to pass them along.

Watch videos from the Sony Behind-the-Scenes Tour

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  1. guest_user wrote: December 10, 2008 12:38am

    Great Tour!! It is very cool to see what other people do and especially for a
    company that you love!! I appreciate Mr. Clancy going around and showing us
    Sony!! I like the fact that there are people dedicated to giving answers and
    assistance with things that mean the most to the client. This is very cool!!

  2. guest_user wrote: January 8, 2009 10:47am Reply

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