Black Friday Better Than Most Expected

by Team Sony 12/03/2008

*Photo by Joe Fornabaio for The New York TimesLooking at the sales reports from the long Thanksgiving weekend, it looks like retailers in general and consumer electronics in particular did a bit better than the pundits were expecting. Industry data I’ve seen showed overall sales increases compared to the same period last year up in the single digits, ranging from about  3 to 7 percent.

Here at Sony, sales of our BRAVIA LCD televisions, Blu-ray Disc players and Reader electronic book devices all exceeded expectations. Clearly, the demand for flat-panel HDTVs is very strong with the holidays, the Superbowl and the analog TV cut-off all coming in the months ahead. On the BD player front, there were a lot of great deals going on. And we’ve seen that the Reader is making a bigger mark as a  gift item this year.

Individual retailer reports seemed to have varied somewhat, but in-store consumer traffic appeared to be very strong nationwide at virtually all of them from what I’m hearing, especially on Black Friday itself.

Internet shoppers were out in force too, as more and more consumers are going to the Web not only to educate themselves and compare product offerings, but to buy and buy they did. actually saw triple-digit (that’s right, triple-digit) sales increases overall compared to last year during this time. 

Sony Style stores around the country also saw significant growth over the prior period, which I was especially pleased to see after visiting all of the stores and getting to know many of the staff during my summer blog tour.

I believe consumer trust and confidence in a quality brand like Sony helps a lot in challenging economic times like these. And falling gasoline prices don’t hurt either.

*Photo by Joe Fornabaio for The New York Times

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  1. guest_user wrote: December 3, 2008 8:46pm

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad to hear some GOOD news amidst the turmoil in almost every
    industry! I’m glad that Sony Style’s website got that much love because they
    certainly have awesome features like the free engraving on products like the
    VAIOs and Handycams. I look forward to seeing Sony continue to be like
    the “JPMorgan Chase & Co. of Consumer Electronics” meaning Sony will stand
    longest and tallest in these soft times for consumers. Sony acquiring
    companies like Chase may not happen but I know that the confidence in a well
    known brand will be in Sony’s favor!! Please keep up the great work Mr.
    Clancy & Sony!

  2. guest_user wrote: December 3, 2008 8:56pm

    I’m glad to see the Sony Reader included in there. It’s been the leading search term at my blog for
    a week now, with it being in the top ten for weeks in a row.

  3. guest_user wrote: December 4, 2008 2:42am

    Hey…thats quite good stuff to know. Do you own an HDTV from Sony? If yes how well does it perform?

  4. guest_user wrote: December 4, 2008 3:02pm

    Being an employee this is certainly good news!

  5. guest_user wrote: December 5, 2008 3:57am

    Hey electronic!!!

    I do own a Sony Bravia LCD HDTV (I named him HD-LE pronounced Hadley)
    and he works great!!!!

    I watch “Sunday Night Football on NBC” and the crisp and clear 1080p
    resolution is incredible!!! The 720i on ESPN isn’t bad at all either. “ESPN Monday
    Night Football” is another good example of great reception and HGTV (Home &
    Garden Television) is another great channel to get a good look at it.

    I hope that you get a chance to buy one and enjoy it. Plus, for less than around
    $100.00 + at Sony Style, I got a five year warranty on any inconveniences HD-
    LE may have but fortunately everything is fine!! Best Wishes!!


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