Sony Gets its Day in Hawai'i

by Team Sony 05/16/2008

I’ve just returned from a couple of days in Honolulu where Governor Linda Lingle and Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona declared May 14, 2008 as "Sony Hawai’i Day" in recognition of the company’s 40 anniversary of operations in the Aloha State.  Now, how cool is that?
The proclamation is the first of its kind from an individual state to any of Sony Electronics’ operations in the U.S.  It was quite humbling and most impressive to see the outpouring of support for Sony from local government, community, military and business leaders during a banquet to acknowledge the occasion.  There was certainly a lot of what the locals call "Aloha Spirit" in the room.
I can’t tell you how many people came up to me to express their appreciation not only for Sony’s business and our innovative products, but for the goodwill in the community.  For example, Sony annually sponsors the
Sony Open in Hawai’i — one of the golfing world’s first PGA events every January — where we have helped raise more than $8 million for island charities over the past ten years.

The banquet was attended by three past presidents of Sony Hawai’i along with the current chief Ned Nomura.  I also had the honor to meet Mrs. Akio Morita, the wife of our late co-founder, who played a critical leadership role in the establishment of our Hawai’i operations there in 1968.
In addition to serving consumers and business with Sony products on the islands, Sony Hawai’i serves as our center for the company’s business with the U.S. military and their families at base exchanges around the world, including the continental U.S., Japan, Korea, Guam and Europe.  Hawai’i is also the base of our operations that serve consumers in the U.S. territories of Guam, Saipan and Palau in the South Pacific.
While I was in Honolulu, I visited a couple of the leading consumer electronics retailers, which had large Sony sections in their shops — clearly much larger (with lots of
HDNA merchandising displays) compared to any other CE or computer manufacturers. 
Sony is also the only electronics company with a major presence in Hawai’i, including sales, marketing, logistics and customer service operations.
Hopefully, with
this week’s announcement of our first two electronics waste recycling depots in Hawai’i, combined with continued consumer and military business prosperity for Sony, we are poised for another 40 years of success in the Aloha State.

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  1. guest_user wrote: May 17, 2008 4:49am

    Rick, nice post. You mentioned the Sony Open in Hawaii, and I was wondering if Sony will be using this as a way for some of the professional sports photographers to try out the new Flagship, which is expected to be officially shown a couple of months earlier? You might suggest to Mark Weir that they should have a tent during the pro-am and practice day, where accredited photographers covering the pre-events (practice rounds and pro-am) can handle the equipment and possibly borrow them to use.

    Also, Sony should make sure that the official photographer for the Open uses Sony equipment, rather than Canon or Nikon. A friend of mine was the official photographer during the first few of years of the Open, until he had a massive stroke, so I’m not sure the current photographer is.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able catch some of the Open, as I ususally get a free pass, but I believe the dates of the Open has overlapped with CES the past couple of years. If not, I’d love to help out, LOL.

    You mentioned that you visited a couple of local electronic retailers that had a large Sony section. I would guess that means that you visited Shirokiya and Video Life. Shirokiya was one of my accounts during my tenure with Sony and we always had a great sales during the fall.

  2. guest_user wrote: May 18, 2008 3:13am

    Hey, you were in town and didn’t call?!? I could’ve showed off my extensive collection of Sony equipment — including a KDS-R50XBR1 which I absolutely love — and cajoled you into letting me test your newest stuff.

    Now, where’s our Sony Style store?

  3. guest_user wrote: May 19, 2008 8:29pm

    Hi Rick,
    The employees of Sony Hawaii appreciated having you, Mike Fasulo and Honey Mae Kenworthy attend and support our event. Being the newest “official” member of SEL, Sony Hawaii has been welcomed into the SEL fold through the support and well-wishes of numerous employees throughout the organization. We humbly share the accolades of “Sony Hawai’i Day” as a tribute to all members of our new SEL family and the contributions that Sony has made in the many communities it has the privilege to do business in. We hope to be a valued and contributing member of SEL for years to come.


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