On the Road to Sony’s Business Conference

by Team Sony 05/02/2008

Every year around this time, Sony Electronics holds an off-site, internal Business Conference.  This year the event is being held in a very nice resort in the southern California desert.

It gives us an opportunity to review the prior year’s performance, while laying out the goals and direction for the year ahead. It also serves as a motivating event for more than 1,400 dedicated and passionate Sony employees who are selected to attend. They largely come from sales and marketing, but there will also be members from customer service, engineering, manufacturing, business development, HR, corporate planning and, yes, corporate communications.

Of course, there will be speeches, panels and presentations by our U.S. management team, along with host of award presentations for jobs well done over the course of the previous year.  And we’ll have guests from around the world of Sony, including a top executive from Sony Pictures Entertainment and a global business head from Sony Corporation in Tokyo.

There will also be outside speakers.  In the past, they have included the likes of General Colin Powell and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  And usually there is some star-studded musical entertainment.

Last year one of the most interesting sessions was an on-stage interview to kick-off the event that I had the pleasure to conduct with Sir Howard Stringer, Sony’s chairman and chief executive officer.  The session was so well received that we are going to do it again. I’m jazzed.

This time around I am looking forward to covering topics ranging from Sir Howard’s thoughts on the aftermath of the Blu-ray format war and his global vision for the company, to Sony’s latest “green” commitments and the role that he sees for software in the company’s future, among other topics.

As I mentioned, the meeting is an internal event so I can’t share too many details.  But I will be on the lookout for some kernels of information and other highlights to bring to light in a future post.

The event represents a significant investment by the company in its people.  It’s just one of so many reasons why Sony is great employer and a cool brand.

By the way, if you have a possible interest in working for Sony Electronics, I’d encourage you to check out the currently open postings at


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  1. guest_user wrote: May 4, 2008 6:44am

    Is it free to attend by everyone or the event is closed to general public?

  2. guest_user wrote: May 9, 2008 4:36pm

    Hi Kamil,

    It was an internal company business conference — a great opportunity for those employees selected to attend. There were actually more than 1,600 people there, including employees from all over the U.S. and our Mexico locations. I’m planning to do a follow up post about it shortly.


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