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  1. Sony® X Headphones – Features and Functions by Sarah 10/13/2012

    You’ve seen them on TV, advertised on social media everywhere and now you can own a pair yourself! The new mind-blowing X Headphones. My friend, Geoff, who is a complete music lover, has fallen back in love with headphones due to the features, comfort and sound that comes from these bad boys! The new X […]

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  2. Introducing X Headphones: sound and design like no other by Kathleen 09/10/2012

    Simon Cowell. When I hear his name, two things come to mind. His witty, biting sarcasm. His music chops. We’ve all got to give the man props because if there’s one thing Simon knows, it’s music. Good, soul-moving, toe-tapping, finger-snapping tunes. That’s why it makes perfect sense that Simon and Sony, with its legacy of […]

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