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  1. CCDV8 500 Flashback Friday: 1985 CCD-V8 by Gina 07/19/2013

    1985: Maddie and David finally gave in, the Titanic’s final resting place was discovered and we were all brought Back To The Future. What better way to memorialize all of this joy  and excitement than with the Sony CCD-V8. Announced to the press on January 8, 1985  and first sold in Japan on January 25th […]

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  2. Flashback Friday: TPS-L2 Walkman (1979) by Gina 08/06/2010

    1979: Jupiter’s rings were proudly displayed in images, trekkies finally got to see their world come to the big screen and the very first walkman, the TPS-L2 stepped out makings its mark on history. Prior to the TPS-L2, audiophiles had the limited option of enjoying music through either a stereo system or in the car. In […]

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  3. Your First Computer by Team Sony 07/14/2009

    I was back in the VAIO lab recently trying to dig up an old accessory to test for a Quick Tip I’m writing when I came across a vintage VAIO.

    After playing with it, I got thinking about my very first PC – an IBM PS/2 Model 30. Do you remember yours? Surprisingly, mine had…[...]

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