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  1. Setting up Parental Controls on your Sony VAIO® Computer with Windows® 7 by Sarah 06/19/2012

    Tomorrow marks the first day of summer on the calendar, even though most kids have already started their summer vacations. Do you have parental controls set up on your VAIO PC yet? A computer can be a very tempting thing for younger people and Sony wants to help give you, the parent, control over when […]

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  2. And Then There Was One: Winning the Uncharted 3 Competition by Team Sony 05/07/2012

    For the past few months, we’ve been having quite the Uncharted experience. From online competitions, to behind-the-scenes videos, the underlying theme has been clear: you’ve got to be tough, savvy, stylish and smart to make it in Drake’s world. You’ve got to be like Jeremy. Gallant, a 20-year old who grew up as an orphan […]

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  3. Handheld Gaming Battle: PlayStation Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS by Team Sony 03/13/2012

    Now, I’m no gamer but even I can tell when one system clearly is giving another a run for its money. The PSP was great, portable device but its successor – PlayStation Vita – takes the home-console gaming experience and puts it right in your hands. The screen is beautiful to gaze at (on or […]

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