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  1. Fit11A Flipping Out with Sony VAIO at CES 2014 by Reena 01/28/2014

    Sing it with us now! When a VAIO® comes along, you can flip it! Don’t forget to follow us on Vine! <iframe src=”https://vine.co/v/h3FjPnxwqX6/embed/simple” height=”480″ width=”480″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>[removed][removed] 

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  2. vaioflipbanner Sony VAIO® Flip Sweepstakes by Kathleen 11/04/2013

    This week, we are in cahoots with two-time Olympian Gabby Douglas. She’ll be tumbling and flipping around the streets of New York to spread the word about our new VAIO | Flip PC. (If you’re in the NYC area, check out this link for all the details.) The PC instantly goes from laptop, to tablet, […]

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  3. flipbanner SNEAK PEEK from IFA 2013: New VAIO lineup (Windows 8 convertible PCs, Tablets) by Kathleen 09/04/2013

    Big news, guys! Today we’re excited to unveil two unique additions to the VAIO® Family: the VAIO | Flip PC and the VAIO Tap 11. Featuring a unique hinge mechanism, the VAIO | Flip PC’s screen can be flipped over to be seen by someone who’s sitting across from you. Check out the video to […]

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