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  1. Android 4.0 now available for Sony Tablet S by Maya 04/26/2012

    OK guys, it is finally here! Android™ 4.0 (or as it is fondly called, Ice Cream Sandwich) is now available for Sony Tablet™ S in the US. There are a lot of cool new things you can do now with the firmware upgrade (hellooo, single motion panorama photo mode and direct access to your SD card?!) […]

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  2. Sony Internet TV owners, get ready for GoogleTV update 1.2 by Team Sony 12/15/2010

    One of the coolest things about having a connected device is that when new software or improvements to the operating system are available, they come to you. I’ve told you about updates on devices like Sony Dash™ personal Internet viewer, well today I get to tell you about the very first over the air update […]

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