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  1. soundbarbanner Exclusive: Get the 411 on Sony’s new HT-CT660 Soundbar by Kathleen 04/25/2013

    Does your home theater need some extra oomph in the sound department? Meet the Sony HT-CT660 Soundbar. A step up from the CT260, it’s a 330 Watt system and features a longer form factor (46 inches!).  Hit the play button to get the details from the SGNL team.

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  2. Sony vs. Samsung Sound Bar Showdown by Ray Hartjen 11/07/2012

    TVs are getting thinner every year, and as an unintended consequence unfortunately, so is the sound. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure you have the right premium audio equipment to deliver the best home entertainment experience possible. A quality sound bar for example can help elevate your game viewing, movie watching, music listening […]

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