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  1. googletvbanner Sony adds voice search and more to Google TV™ by Ray Hartjen 06/07/2013

    Today, Sony is announcing its latest Google TV™ offering with the NSZ-GS8 Internet Player with Google TV™. This uber-cool gizmo plugs easily into your TV – any TV with an HDMI® connection – and allows you to search live TV, the internet and apps. Oh, and you can do it old-school by typing or new-school […]

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  2. Heads up: Sony Google TV™ Player gets a software upgrade by Ray Hartjen 02/22/2013

    Are you a second screen, multiple screen type of TV viewer? Time to fess up. I am, and since you know I have no shame, I might as well be the first to step up and admit it. I need my smart TV! Used to be I was smarter than my TV, or at least […]

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  3. Sony Google TV All-Access Party: The recap by Team Sony 07/05/2012

    Guest to the Sony Blog, Ben Gallagher, marketing manager for Sony Google TV, shares his experience at the Sony Google TV All-Access Party on Thursday, June 28. My blood is still flowing from the energy at Sony’s Google TV™ All Access Party last Thursday night. The excitement filling the event was infectious. If you were […]

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  4. Sweepstakes: Win a Sony Google TV bundle (Sony at Google IO) by Kathleen 06/28/2012

    Today, we’re at Google I/O showing off the 2nd gen Sony Google TV set-top box to our developer friends. Not only will they be getting hands-on demos of the product, they’ll be going home with a brand spankin’ new device before it even hits shelves! Of course, we wanted you guys to get in on […]

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  5. New Sony Google TV Box Arrives July 22 (VIDEO) by Kathleen 06/25/2012

    The Sony Google TV (previewed at CES 2012), is now up for pre-sale and hitting shelves July 22. The NSZ-GS7 Internet Player is a set-top box that you can hook up to your TV. The  NSZ-GP9 is a Internet Blu-ray Disc player with Google TV (available later this year). Both come with a redesigned Bluetooth remote […]

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