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  1. actioncamheadband1 Buy a Sony Action Cam & headband mount … with a Twitter hashtag! by Kathleen 02/20/2013

    If you thought Twitter was just for real-time news, staying up-to-date with your favorite celebrities, and keeping in touch with friends, think again. Shopping is now added to the list, thanks to American Express’ new program where shoppers can sync their AMEX cards to their Twitter handle and make purchases simply by tweeting a certain […]

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  2. SGNLthumbnail Unique features of Sony products showcased at CES 2013 by Kathleen 02/15/2013

    Happy Friday, everyone! In our latest SGNL episode, we show you guys some of the unique programs and features on Sony gadgets. From improving your golf swing to mixing music, we’ve got you covered. Check it out:

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  3. canyon swing Canyon Swinging with Sony Action Cam by Kathleen 01/21/2013

    Think swings are just for kids? Think again. This video from our Sony Australia friends — captured with the Sony Action Cam — is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. What other stunts or gravity-defying feats would you guys document with the Action Cam?

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  4. New Sony #ActionCam with HD and Wi-Fi (Video) by Gina 08/29/2012

    The name says it all. Today, Sony debuted its new Action Sports HD Video Camera that has built in Wi-Fi. Anthony from SGNL by Sony got an early look with one of the product team members. The #ActionCam ships with a rechargeable battery, adhesive mounts, and a ruggedized waterproof case featuring a universal tripod mount, […]

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