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  1. idreambooks Introducing iDreamBooks Reviews at Reader Store by Reader Store 04/19/2013

    We are happy to present readers this week with iDreamBooks reviews—a new attrbute on our eBook product pages that offers an abundance of ratings and critic reviews to help readers get the right book in-hand. iDreamBooks is a startup company in the digital publishing space that collects critic’s reviews and provides recommendations based on what […]

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  2. New Sony Internet Video Show Debuts by Gina 11/09/2010

    So you may have read that Sony recently launched a new internet show. The rumors are true. I now officially introduce to you SGNL by Sony (pronounced “Signal by Sony”). SGNL is going to show viewers all the Sony haps and not just electronics. We’ll dive into music, movies, games and gadgets. For example you […]

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  3. Now You Can Share Your Product Reviews On Facebook by Gina 11/10/2009

    Last month I was in the market for faucets (I know. I wish I was in the market for better items). I happened to share my searching experience to a friend and oddly she told me that she recently purchased faucets herself and pointed me in the right direction. As faucets aren’t always on our […]

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  4. What We're Reading by Team Sony 08/29/2009

    Check out the links below to discover our favorite bits on the web this week and catch up on everything Sony.

    - The Reader group’s Big Week and Video From NYC

    - The Mimo USB mini Display

    - District 9 Trailer

    - Making Outlook Faster

    - Download of the week: Hulu’s Desktop Application

    - Video Review: FW480J/T

    and more…[...]

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