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  1. SGNL interviews LL Cool J: My Connect Studio [VIDEO] by Kathleen 07/03/2012

    A few weeks ago, we announced our partnership with GRAMMY® Award-winning artist LL COOL J to offer the exclusive Future Sounds My Connect Studio package with the VAIO® E 14P laptop. Envisioned by LL COOL J, My Connect Studio lets multiple artists record, edit and produce new music together simultaneously in real-time from anywhere in […]

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  2. Is Vinyl Making a Comeback? (Video) by Gina 11/15/2011

    Kind of a loaded question. Ask any die-hard record collector and they’ll tell you that vinyl never really went away but is spiking in popularity, especially with newer generations. A lot of bands are putting out vinyl records with an MP3 download code so you can get all that beauty in a vinyl cover and […]

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  3. Personlize the Sony Gifts You Give: Sharing Home Videos by Team Sony 12/08/2009

    As part of our series on how to personalize the Sony gifts you give this season I got some insight into how easy it is to burn a DVD so you can get the precious memories off your camcorder or computer and into the hands of your loved ones. Certain Sony Handycams let you press […]

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