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  1. thumbnail Tips On Taking Great Pictures Using Your Smartphone by Suzy 06/19/2014

      Nowadays, mobile photography is a recognizable art form. With the right lighting or editing, pictures captured on a smartphone can easily turn into museum-worthy masterpieces. In the latest SGNL by Sony episode, Daniel Berman, Founder of the Mobile Photography Awards, along with award-winning photographers share tips on improving mobile photo-taking skills. And better yet, […]

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  2. qx10photoplusbanner The scoop on the Sony QX lens-style camera by Kathleen 10/25/2013

    Curious about the benefits of rocking a Sony QX lens-style camera that attaches to your smartphone? Sony Club member and photographer Vivienne Gucwa can fill you in, hit the play button! <iframe src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/geWfNmQalhQ?rel=0″ height=”360″ width=”480″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″></iframe> For more from Sony at Photo Plus, click here.

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  3. actioncamselfiebanner Sony’s Action Cam Selfie Sweepstakes by Jen 10/18/2013

    Tomorrow, Sony will be hanging out at Bridge Day – the largest extreme sports event in the world . If you’re wondering what happens at Bridge Day, it’s pretty straightforward: they’ve got a bridge, a gorge, and people to jump into it. NBD. Just kidding! This event is guaranteed to be a wild one, and […]

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