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  1. Ask questions. Share answers. Join in. Welcome to the Sony Electronics Inc. Community by Sarah 01/02/2013

    You may have recently spotted a new tab on the Sony Facebook page. That’s right… we’ve added a support tab. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you, our loyal fans and customers, to find the right support avenue, quickly. From this tab you can register your product, set up service, find […]

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  2. Reader_Poolside1-494x370 Tips & Tricks: How to Access a Public Library on your Reader™ Wi-Fi® by Sony® by Sarah 07/09/2012

    So, I was at the library the other day, checking out some books, when the librarian noticed me holding a Reader™ Wi-Fi® by Sony®. She informed me that some of the books in my hands were actually available as eBooks. As it turns out, I can use my Reader Wi-Fi to connect to the library’s […]

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  3. Setting up Parental Controls on your Sony VAIO® Computer with Windows® 7 by Sarah 06/19/2012

    Tomorrow marks the first day of summer on the calendar, even though most kids have already started their summer vacations. Do you have parental controls set up on your VAIO PC yet? A computer can be a very tempting thing for younger people and Sony wants to help give you, the parent, control over when […]

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  4. Turn your Android™ cell phone into a remote control for your Sony® Internet TV with Google TV™ by Sarah 05/12/2012

    With Mother’s Day coming up, we feel mom deserves to have full control of the remote this weekend and watch whatever she wants. And for those of you not in the mood to watch chick flicks all weekend and try to hide the remote on her, we’re going to tell mom a little trick on […]

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  5. Tips & Tricks: Taking a 3D Panoramic Photo with your Sony® Camera by Sarah 04/28/2012

    School is almost over and summer is just around the corner. That means families will be heading to the beach, to their favorite theme parks and other popular destinations for their summer vacation. This also means a ton of photo opportunities! Just imagine your daughter is building a sand castle, your son is on his […]

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  6. Recover Your Sony Tablet™ S to Factory Settings by Sarah 04/20/2012

    Since the holidays, I’ve finally got a good handle on how my Sony Tablet™ S works. I’m chatting online with my friends and family, I’m adding photos and watching movies but I’ve also put so many applications on there that I never use. I think one of the applications is causing my tablet to freeze […]

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  7. How to troubleshoot a red or blinking light on your Sony BRAVIA® TV by Sarah 04/14/2012

    I’m ready to sit down and enjoy my evening with the family. Our favorite movie is on the Sony Movie Channel tonight. Hmmm, that’s weird… why is the little red light on the front of my BRAVIA television blinking? I’m not getting a picture either. Now this stinks! Our movie starts in 10 minutes! Let […]

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  8. Tips & Tricks: What is VAIO Care™ and how does it work? by Sarah 04/07/2012

    What is that ASSIST button for on the top of my VAIO® Laptop? What does VAIO Care™ mean? It’s listed under my programs. My VAIO Laptop has been really slow lately and I just don’t know how to go about fixing it. And honestly, I don’t have time right now to call technical support for help. […]

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  9. Aiding the relief effort in Japan: how we can all help by Team Sony 03/22/2011

    As the crisis in Japan continues to unfold, the stories of recovery and survival are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Over the last two weeks, we’ve heard tales of unimaginable devastation and struggle, and also of the Japanese people’s keen focus on community and rebuilding. According to the latest news reports, food, clothing and medical supplies […]

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  10. How to change the batteries in your 2010 BRAVIA TV remote control by Team Sony 03/29/2010

    It’s the simple things that can drive a person crazy sometimes and usually the more simple the task the easier it is to over think it! Last week the Sony Support team sent me an e-mail. It seems they’ve received a number of calls from confused consumers who can’t figure out how to change the […]

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