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  1. Handheld Gaming Battle: PlayStation Vita vs. Nintendo 3DS by Team Sony 03/13/2012

    Now, I’m no gamer but even I can tell when one system clearly is giving another a run for its money. The PSP was great, portable device but its successor – PlayStation Vita – takes the home-console gaming experience and puts it right in your hands. The screen is beautiful to gaze at (on or […]

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  2. Announcing Project Shiphunt by Team Sony 04/27/2011

    Today Sony and Intel announced an underwater adventure. Now, before you go grab your swim trunks, you should know this adventure, called Project Shiphunt, will happen both in real life and online. Like last year’s Rocket Project, a group of science-minded students paired with a mentor will have the chance to push their Sony VAIOs […]

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  3. “Day X Exists” game is now online by Team Sony 05/27/2010

    If adventure, spy games, intrigue and espionage are your thing, then you’ll love the immersive web game called “Day X Exists.” The online game is a preview of the Sony Pictures movie coming to theaters July 23, 2010 called “Salt.” The movie stars Angeline Jolie as the agent in trouble and on the run. The […]

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