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  1. Sony Launches 3D by Team Sony 06/10/2010

    Yesterday on the historic Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, Calif. Sony held an event to launch 3D in the United States.  There could not have been a better place than an active movie studio for Sony to announce what lies ahead for 3D and to showcase our involvement in the entire 3D ecosystem from […]

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  2. We'll Pass on 'The Battle at the Bottom' in Blu-ray by admin 06/15/2009

    It seems like all the fire and furor over the cost of Blu-Ray players is at a manageable  simmer. Before several recent meetings with industry analysts in New York and Boston, Chris Fawcett, the VP of Sony’s Home Video business, and I were expecting some tough questions about the Blu-ray player market, especially after the […]

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