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  1. speakersbanner Fresh out of IFA 2013: The latest and greatest Sony gadgets by Kathleen 09/04/2013

    Today, we announced a gang of new technologies at IFA 2013, spanning mobiles, computers, cameras, and more. While we’ve covered the Cyber-shot® QX10/QX100 “lens-style cameras”, 4K Handycam®, and VAIO® fall lineup with SGNL, there are other exciting announcements we want to share with you. Check out our round-up below for more info. The Sony HDR-MV1 […]

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  2. 55in_4k More 4K Questions and Answers by Ray Hartjen 07/17/2013

    There have been a lot of questions and comments popping up on the blog, in forums and in online conversations on Facebook and Twitter. I thought it might be time to put some answers all in one spot. First off though, thank you. Thank you for being customers of Sony. Thank you for the trust […]

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  3. fmpbasic Announcing: Sony’s First All 4K Ultra HD Media Player and Content Download Service by Katie 07/03/2013

    This year at CES we promised you access to true 4K video content in your home by summer and today, we’re happy to announce its arrival. You can now purchase the Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player online at Sony Store. We’re pretty excited about the 4K Ultra HD feature films preloaded on the player including […]

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  4. 4KTVfaqfeature You ask, we answer: 4K Ultra HD by Rob Manfredo 04/15/2013

    There’s been a lot of 4K talk lately and we’re excited to see so many questions come through from you guys. Check out our list of commonly-asked queries below to get the full scoop. Are there any that we missed? Drop us a note in the comments section and we’ll be sure to address it […]

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