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  1. 4k Camera CES 2013 CES 2013- FIRST LOOK: 4K Camcorder and new 3D Binocular Prototypes [VIDEO] by Reena 01/07/2013

    What would CES be without getting to check out some brand new gadgets? Amy from the Sony Digital Imaging Team walks us though Sony’s 4K camcorder prototype and the next generation of Sony’s 3D binoculars.

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  2. New Subtitle Glasses For Movie Goers by Gina 06/27/2012

    If you or anyone you know is hearing impaired or has some hearing loss, then you know what a challenge going to the movies can be. Some theaters offer closed captioning options, but those viewings are usually only available at certain times of the day, or certain days of the week. Today we’re excited to share a new […]

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  3. Tips & Tricks: Taking a 3D Panoramic Photo with your Sony® Camera by Sarah 04/28/2012

    School is almost over and summer is just around the corner. That means families will be heading to the beach, to their favorite theme parks and other popular destinations for their summer vacation. This also means a ton of photo opportunities! Just imagine your daughter is building a sand castle, your son is on his […]

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  4. Get Spooky with Our Top Halloween Movie Picks by Reena 10/31/2011

    Halloween falls on a Monday this year with the added benefit of early weekend celebrations I’m sure.  If you’re like me, after handing out candy to trick o’ treaters, you’re probably going to pop some popcorn and throw in your favorite horror flick. But what to watch? There are so many options, from super scary […]

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  5. Your Life in 3D Winner and the X Games by Team Sony 07/27/2011

    You may recall a couple of months ago we told you about the Your Life in Sony 3D contest.  The contest solicited life moments from our Facebook community that they wanted us to shoot in 3D. The response was tremendous and the voting was fierce. The ultimate winner came down to the decision of our […]

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  6. Straight from the Sony labs: Sony 3D technology in development by Team Sony 01/08/2011

    The lines to see the technology Sony has in development were long  at CES. Between the 3D head-mount display, 3D OLED monitor and the 3D portable Blu-ray players, that section of the booth was a constant traffic jam. I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to share the prototypes with our online community, so I […]

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  7. Your exclusive tour of the Sony Booth at CES by Team Sony 01/07/2011

    I’ve been told by many seasoned CES attendees that the Sony booth has consistently been one of the grandest  not-to-be-missed spaces at the show. This year is no different. I know a lot of you aren’t able to be at CES, so to make sure you didn’t miss the Sony CES experience our friends at […]

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  8. 3D Myth Busting by Gina 12/28/2010

    We all know 3DTVs are out there, but for many, it’s still a completely new concept with lots of different messages in the market. In Episode 4 of SGNL by Sony, Anthony and Melody answer some of the most common questions people have when looking to purchase a 3DTV. I’ll be upfront, if you’re a […]

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  9. NBA in 3D tips off tonight by Team Sony 12/17/2010

    Any basketball fans out there? You know who you are. Tonight, some of the greatest athletes in the world will be broadcast in 3D in one of the world’s most famous arena. Want to see an in your face dunk in 3D? How about an incredible jump shot or a star basketball player drive to […]

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  10. Video demo of the newly announced Sony Alpha a55v by Team Sony 09/12/2010

    Last month we introduced you to three new models of Sony Alpha cameras and the latest in Sony interchangeable lens DSLR technology. Here is a closer look at one of the cameras, the 16.2 megapixel Sony Alpha a55V. It won’t be in stores until October but we wanted to give you a closer look at the features […]

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