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Companies and Organizations Announce Commitment to Responsible Recycling

by Communications 06/11/2014, in Contact the Blog

Boulder, Colorado – SERI today announced the R2 Leader program, which is designed to support efforts by companies and organizations to advance the responsible reuse and recycling of used electronics.

R2 Leaders launches with a coalition of 10 partners including DIRECTV, Goodwill Industries International, Greeneye Partners, Keep America Beautiful, Microsoft, Panasonic, Sony America, SourceAmerica, Wistron Corporation and Xerox. The program includes a commitment from participating companies and organizations to support R2 certified electronics refurbishment and recycling, as well as consider R2 certification when choosing a recycling partner.  Importantly, R2 Leaders also take a leadership role in a project to advance responsible reuse and/or recycling around the world, such as funding pilot projects for responsible recycling in developing countries, or creating new programs for electronics collection, refurbishment or recycling.

“Since the creation of the R2 Standard for responsible electronics recycling in 2008, we have consistently heard from companies and organizations that wanted to support reuse and recycling efforts,” said John Lingelbach, Executive Director of SERI.  “Our partners in launching this program have taken on truly commendable leadership roles in managing used electronics.  I am excited to work with them in helping develop responsible e-waste reuse and recycling policies, programs and facilities.”

The R2 Standard was created in 2008 through a multi-stakeholder process that included the U.S. EPA, electronics manufacturers, recycling companies, non-profit organizations, and other groups.  Electronics recycling and refurbishment facilities certified to the R2 Standard adhere to best-practices in worker health and safety, environmental protection, chain-of-custody reporting, data security, and other areas.  Worldwide, over 540 facilities are certified to the R2 Standard in 17 countries.


Patty Osterberg

Director of Education and Outreach, SERI

(651) 438-3608

About SERI

SERI, formerly R2 Solutions, is a 501c3 non-profit organization (application pending) that undertakes educational and other activities to advance responsible electronics reuse and recycling around the world.  It is the housing body for the R2 Standard.  More information can be found at


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