1. Introducing The Sony Style Event Calendar by Gina 08/25/2009

    Sony Style retail stores seeking adventurous, event loving individuals who enjoy private sales, special demo’s, new product/game releases, amazing contests, and cool classes. Must love puppies and long walks on the beach. If this sounds like you, then I’d like to introduce you to one of our closest friends, the new Sony Style Events Calendar […]

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  2. New Sony Readers Respond to Reviewer Requests by Gina 08/25/2009

    Since we’ve launched ratings & reviews on, one of our most frequently reviewed products has been the Sony Readers. In fact, hundreds have posted over the months. We’re proud of our star rating of the earlier Reader models, but whether a review showers us with compliments or critiques, we listen to each one. We also pass […]

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  3. Words Move Me by Valerie Motis 08/25/2009

    It’s a big day for the Reader group. In fact, it’s been a big month: We unveiled our Reader Pocket Edition and Reader Daily Edition and announced new pricing for bestsellers and new releases at our eBook store as well as our intention to convert everything over to an open industry standard format – EPUB. […]

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  4. What We're Reading by Team Sony 08/21/2009

    Check out what we’re reading to discover our favorite bits on the web this week and catch up on everything Sony.

    This week:

    - Sony Outlet now on Twitter.

    - New PS3?

    - Need an idea for one last vacation before summer’s end?

    - Sony takes the wraps of their latest project…

    - PC show and tell.

    - Our favorite VAIO yet!

    and more…[...]

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  5. Flashback Friday: VTR PV-100 by Gina 08/21/2009

    1962. The first computer video game was created (does anyone know the name?); diet cola hit stores and it was the year for the Sony PV-100. This product was the world’s first and smallest transistor VTR (video tape recorder) and released in September of ’62. The size of this puppy was about a fifth of what […]

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  6. In CE, Value and Quality are Rivals….NOT! by Team Sony 08/21/2009

    Editor’s note: In our continued effort to provide you with different voices and points of view on the Sony Electronics’ blog, today I’d like to present Patrick Houston, the chief publisher/SVP media of NetShelter Technology Media in San Francisco.   Sony Electronics Corp. is seeing some twinkling lights at the end of the recessionary tunnel, […]

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  7. Answered: What Does VAIO Stand For Anyway? by Team Sony 08/20/2009

    I’ve had so much fun reviewing everyone’s guesses over the past few days to my questions: What does VAIO stand for? Some were pretty bizarre like this one from our Facebook page: Viable Alternative Instead of Ostriches. But many of you were very close in your answers.

    So now for the answer (drum roll please)…[...]

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  8. Sony's New Ad Campaign by Gina 08/18/2009

    There’s been some internet buzz going on today after a New York Time’s article came out about Sony’s new ad campaign. My Sony Electronics pals also tweeted about it this morning (there’s also a post on their blog today too). The new campaign involves some fantastic celebrities, good humor and great insight into our products. […]

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  9. Fortune magazine names Research in Motion world's fastest-growing company by Team Sony 08/18/2009

    American business magazine Fortune has named Canadian technology icon Research in Motion Ltd. (TSX: RIM.TO), maker of the BlackBerry, the world’s fastest-growing company. Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM – one of Canada’s most valuable companies with a stock worth of $44 billion – was one of two Canadian businesses that made the top 10 after Fortune opened […]

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  10. HDNA Part 2 is Here: Peyton, Timberlake and a cast of celebs by Team Sony 08/18/2009

    Back to School season is in full swing but Sony’s got Holiday on our minds as we gear up to launch a new pre-holiday HDNA marketing campaign this Fall. Justin Timberlake, Peyton Manning and a cast of diverse celebrities will grab the attention of the average couch potato with the launch of our upcoming ad […]

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