1. The Scoop: Black Friday Offers on by Gina 11/26/2009

    I could try to write something fun but let’s face it. When we’re in the Black Friday zone we don’t care. Heck I’ve pushed mannequins over to get to what I need (true story, not proud). And what I need are sales, deals and prices. So for my fellow bargain shoppers out there, I wish […]

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  2. Sony Holiday Gift Ideas Featured on CNBC and Fox News by Gina 11/25/2009

    Okay so I am sure you’re seeing a gazillion holiday gift guides on the news and in talk shows. You might be sick of them but like a proud “blog mama“, no matter how big of a company we are, I still beam when a Sony Style store hits the news waves and our products […]

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  3. Behind 550 Madison Avenue by Gina 11/20/2009

    I wonder if Alice would think Madison Avenue during the holidays is the rabbit hole. It’s a time of year when store windows come to life with fantastical representations, whimsical displays and geometric feats of splendor. 550 Madison Ave, home of the Sony Style store is no exception.  Curious how these windows go from idea to reality, we […]

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  4. Link Love by Jen 11/20/2009

    Get the latest scoop in the world of Sony: • In the spirit of the holidays, Sony has released a new member to the limited edition Winter Signature Collection- The Holiday Sparkle W Series VAIO notebook. Check out pictures and details here. • Green Tip of the Week: Want to learn how to green your Thanksgiving dinner? Visit Planet […]

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  5. The Making of the VAIO X Series: Part 5 and 6 by Team Sony 11/20/2009

    This week we wrap up the Making of the X Series with our last two stories.

    One takes a look at arguably the most important component of a notebook. Any guesses?

    The other story follows an inconspicuous engineering team to discover why they were so intent on destroying as many X Series models as they could. And interestingly, they still work for Sony.

    Uncover all the details after the link…[...]

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  6. Reader Daily Edition Makes Pre-Sales Splash on by Gina 11/18/2009

    There’s always a fun process that happens when a celebrity baby is born. First it’s the ticker at the bottom of a news screen. Then, after utter anticipation, the first photos are published. Some people knock this, but I love it. I love that moment when I can finally catch a glimpse, jeleously gasp in […]

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  7. Unboxing: The Reader Daily Edition by Team Sony 11/18/2009

      The Reader Daily Edition is available for presale today! Here’s an unboxing video to give you a closer look at the eReader many of you have been asking about!  Some of my favorite things about the Reader Daily Edition: • It has a touch screen display that has a paper like look. • You can […]

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  8. In Sony's Picture and Sound Lab Learning About Possible New TV Laws by Team Sony 11/17/2009

    Last week I met with a group of Sony Electronics Engineers to learn more about the California Energy Commission proposed legislation that would create stricter standards for how televisions are made in California. Tim McGowan, who is part of the TV Engineering team here at Sony, explained what the proposed laws mean for Sony as […]

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  9. Sony Reader Reinvents Mall Kiosks by Gina 11/17/2009

    I love going to malls. Mostly because I like to shop but I also enjoy discovering new stores and previewing the newest items I’ve read about. Plus I have to say, the best strawberry lemonade is at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. The one thing I don’t do or love to do is […]

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  10. New VAIO W Added to Sony Style Signature Collection by Gina 11/15/2009

    In the spirit of the holidays, Sony Style released a new member to the limited edition Winter Signature Collection. The Holiday Sparkle W Series VAIO notebook. Limited in quantity, this unique design was inspired by one of Mother Nature’s most infamous displays of beauty: snowflakes. Because of changing temperatures and atmospheres, each natural snowflake is one of […]

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