1. Can a Sony VAIO Launch a Rocket? by Team Sony 03/01/2010

    Did you know that the first rocket to land on the moon had far less computing power than today’s Sony VAIO computers?

    Sound farfetched?

    Think about it; in the relatively short amount of time since Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, computers have gone rom room-sized goliaths capable of calculating only simple equations to…[...]

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  2. Flashback Friday: (1951) Sony H-1 Tape Recorder by Gina 02/26/2010

    1951: A loaf of bread would cost you about 16 cents and you could record your screams of excitement with the Sony H-1 tape recorder. Hitting the market in March as the first consumer use tape recorder this puppy weighed a little over 28.5 pounds. Designed for “home use”  and popular in Japanese schools, the […]

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  3. Reinventing the Z: Part 1 and 2 by Team Sony 02/26/2010

    We all have our favorite things. Mine: evening baseball games, ski trips and movie night. When it comes to my favorite VAIO notebook, it’s the Z Series hands down. And when I got my first sneak peak at the newly redesigned Z Series I couldn’t have been more excited.

    And now, with the new Z Series available for presale on, I wanted to offer you a behind-the-scenes look at the year long project to makeover the Z Series. From carving the chassis’ core from a single…[...]

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  4. Documentary Short Film: The Design Story, 2010 Sony BRAVIA HDTV by Gina 02/25/2010

    his is a journey from spark of inspiration to revolutionary finished product. This is a story of human achievement. With the immense openness and generosity of the Sony engineers/designers and the production crew here at Sony Style, I’d like to present to you a documentary short film titled “The Design Story, 2010 Sony Bravia HDTV”.  Now if […]

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  5. Sony Style's Signature Collection VAIO P Appears on the Fashion Scene by Gina 02/24/2010

    For fashion mavens, having a stylish notebook can be as important as the right pair of shoes and not having the right glam gadget can throw off a look entirely. We were thrilled to see that a member of the Signature Collection made its way onto the fashion scene at last week’s New York Fashion […]

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  6. Sony Europe Shows Off New Bravia Monolithic Design In 6 Degrees by Gina 02/22/2010

    Six degrees of separation? Nope Six degree of one loose-footed actor? Nope We’re talking about the inventive 6 degree tilt of the new 2010 Bravia TVs featuring the Monolithic Design. Our designers found out that by tilting the screen back (in this case by 6 degrees); it’s creating a more comfortable and enjoyable way to watch […]

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  7. Top Sony 3D Questions On Everyone's Mind…Answered by Gina 02/18/2010

    There’s no doubt that being able to watch HD 3D content in your home is pretty exciting. Whether you’ve been checking the site daily for pre-sales announcements for Sony 3D integrated/ready gadgets or just waiting to see how everything plays out, chances are you may have some questions about our 3D details. I don’t blame […]

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  8. Sony Struts its Stuff at Fashion Week by Team Sony 02/16/2010

    If you’re in New York for Fashion Week, one of the most chic events of the year, you’re about to see even more proof that beautiful electronics have as much style and design as a couture ensemble.  Few products turn heads like the Sony VAIO and Sony VAIOs are sure to catch the gaze of […]

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  9. Attention Sony dash Fans by Team Sony 02/16/2010

    Be one of the first to “fan” Sony dash on a brand new Sony dash Facebook page! We’ve created the page to respond to the flood of excitement we’ve received since announcing dash at CES in January. The Sony dash Fanpage is the place to keep up to date with what’s new and to share […]

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  10. Vancouver Olympics through the Sony Lens by Team Sony 02/12/2010

    People all around the world are getting ready to cheer on their nation’s finest athletes as the Winter Olympic games get under way in Vancouver. Those of us who can’t get to Canada to see the games in person will hardly miss a beat because of the expansive television coverage. I could talk to you […]

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