1. New 3D Video by Sony by Gina 06/24/2010

    From makers of professional equipment to creators of 3D films and games, Sony is involved in every stage of the 3D experience. We’ve talked a lot about the TVs but  let’s talk content. Well, how about I present a documentary instead. We’ve recently finished developing an engaging short feature titled “3D World Created by Sony”. […]

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  2. Summer VAIO Signature Collection Debuted by Gina 06/23/2010

    The new Summer 2010 VAIO® Signature Collection made its debut this morning. Ten models complete this season’s line and like the previous Spring Collection, it includes both laptops and a desktop. New to the Signature family is the EA Signature models impressively out the gate with a unique Arabesque design. Starting at $919.00, its raised […]

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  3. Sony shows off 3D at the CEA Line Show with Live World Cup Matches by Team Sony 06/22/2010

    This week is the Consumer Electronics Association Line Show in New York City and as we’ve seen since CES at the beginning of this year, 3D home entertainment is at the top of mind of presenters and attendees. Sony has a huge presence as we showcase many of the 3D home entertainment products that just […]

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  4. Updated VAIO Z, L, F and Y Computers by Gina 06/22/2010

    Its summer time and we’ve got warmer weather, ice cream, picnics and now new VAIO® computer models on Sony Style. Here’s the DL on what’s new: We’ve got a refresh on the VAIO Z Series notebook. I saw many a request on our blog post, “Interviews with the Sony VAIO Z Notebook Designers”, asking for Full HD […]

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  5. What is Google TV? Answered in Under 3 Min by Team Sony 06/16/2010

    Since  Sony Internet TV with Google TV was announced last month at the Google Developers conference in San Francisco, there’s been plenty of “buzz” and curiosity on how the experience works.  If there is any confusion as to how a television with the power of the Internet functions, this latest video from Google will  certainly […]

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  6. Meet Jared, X10 Blogger Contest Winner by Gina 06/15/2010

    I’d like you to meet Jared Chamberlain. Our Grand Prize Winner. Heading out next month, Jared will be attending the semi-finals and finals matches to document the excitement using his Xperia X10 mobile phone he snagged as a finalist.

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  7. Win a Sony dash for your Dad by Team Sony 06/15/2010

    Does your Dad deserve a Sony dash? Well, here is your chance to win one for him! Tweet us why your dad deserves a dash, and one could be yours! From June 15th to Father’s Day June 21st, the best tweet as determined by our judges (more on them a little later) will win one […]

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  8. Sony Jumps Into the 2010 Dew Tour by Team Sony 06/14/2010

    If you are into skateboarders, BMX bikers and motocross racing athletes defying gravity with flips, tricks and jumps, then you’ll want to attend one of the Dew Tour events across the country. Sony will be part of this year’s Dew Tour, a series of five events in the U.S. that features some of the world’s […]

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  9. How To Experience the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in 3D by Gina 06/11/2010

    Today marks the start of one of the most viewed sporting events in the world.    It’s FIFA World Cup™  soccer time. This year’s FIFA World Cup™  in South Africa is making history. 2010 marks the first FIFA World Cup™  broadcast in 3D and just in time for this monumental event is the release of Sony’s 3D HDTV line. Limited […]

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  10. Backstage Quick Tip #2: 5 Ways to Maximize Battery Life by Team Sony 06/11/2010

    Battery life is important, especially for those long flights or extended study sessions at the library. Even though battery technology and OS power management have come a long way, you always seem to need just a little more when the battery finally decides its had enough and powers down. Because of that, I reached out to Backstage Technicians to get their top 5 tips for squeezing every ounce out of that battery. Here are the most popular responses…[...]

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