1. VAIO News: Recent Tour Stop Recaps + a Contest for You by Team Sony 08/25/2010

    As you’ve been reading, we’ve been up and down both coasts with Billabong on their High Five Movie Tour. And as we roll into the end of August, we’ve approached our final two tour stops in Newport Beach and San Diego.

    Hit the link below to check out video from both events plus try your hand at our VAIO / Billabong pop quiz – answering all three questions correctly could win you 1 of 2 Imperial Lime W Series or 1 of 10 Billabong boardshorts. All the details after the break…[...]

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  2. Backstage Quick Tip #7: Troubleshooting PC Audio Issues by Team Sony 08/23/2010

    Experiencing PC audio playback issues and need help getting sound to play again from your computer? More often than not, problems with audio playback often stem from a user inadvertently disabling a drive or changing a setting.

    In this quick tip, we’ll review the top three most common fixes our Backstage Technicians have found to help solve the case…[...]

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  3. New Videos & Events PIIQ Fan Interest by Gina 08/18/2010

    Did anyone get that? If you haven’t yet checked out Sony’s freshly dipped PIIQ headphone line, it’s worth giving a look. These headphones have been featured quite a bit in the blog world and have recently laid upon the heads of the talented P Rangers $ Jerk and skater, Chaz Ortiz at the Boston Dew […]

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  4. One day left to take the two chapter challenge by Team Sony 08/17/2010

    How long does it take you to get into a book? If I can get past the first chapter or two, I’m usually in for the long haul. Now, for those of you who made the switch from paper to ebook, how long did it take you to get used to the new format? I […]

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  5. Make a Statement in Times Square Contest by Team Sony 08/16/2010

    What dream would you like to turn into reality? “I will perform an original song I composed to the world.” “I will become a professional gamer.” “I will get my dream job video blogging about technology.” “I will turn my screenplay into a film.” “Millions of people will see my name in lights!” What do […]

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  6. It’s Easy to See: 3D Glasses Critical at Retail by Team Sony 08/13/2010

    With apologies to that clever beer commercial that’s stuck in my head…I don’t always watch 3D TV, but when I do, I prefer to watch it with active-shutter glasses. In order to enjoy the joyous, immersive power of 3D, one must wear glasses. It’s either as simple or complex as that, depending on your point […]

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  7. Xperia™ X10 Reservations hit by Gina 08/12/2010

    Mad props to the Sony Ericsson team & AT&T for bringing the Xperia™ X10 to the US. This has been a long awaited launch here and I have to say I’m thrilled to finally reserve one at or by visiting your local Sony Style store. This phone is really great for are people who are […]

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  8. VAIO News: Recap from Huntington Beach and More by Team Sony 08/11/2010

    We continue to tag along with Billabong on their High Five Movie Tour as they travel up and down southern California to surf, meet fans and screen TransWorld’s latest surf movie High Five.

    After a long day of competition at the US Open of Surfing, the Billabong team and VAIO headed to Ra Sushi to celebrate, offer a free screening of High Five, and mingle with fans. We brought a camera crew along to record all the fun and capture the reactions of fans who won PCs at the end of the night.

    Hit the read more link for all the video and photos plus a trailer of the movie, High Five…[...]

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  9. Battle It Out on Facebook with Your Own Media Monster by Team Sony 08/09/2010

    By now, you’ve probably seen our latest commercial featuring Sony’s exclusive Media Gallery software and its uncanny ability to tame even the fiercest collection of media.

    Today we’re launching a fun new way to generate your very own media monster on Facebook so you can go head-to-head with others to prove once and for all who has the meanest media monster. It’s easy to play. Hit the read more link for details and a trailer of the game featuring Justin Timberlake….[...]

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  10. Flashback Friday: TPS-L2 Walkman (1979) by Gina 08/06/2010

    1979: Jupiter’s rings were proudly displayed in images, trekkies finally got to see their world come to the big screen and the very first walkman, the TPS-L2 stepped out makings its mark on history. Prior to the TPS-L2, audiophiles had the limited option of enjoying music through either a stereo system or in the car. In […]

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