1. Backstage Quick Tip #83: Using Intel Wireless Display by Team Sony 09/14/2010

    I often find myself with something on my laptop that just has to be shared with whoever is in the room with me. Be it photos, videos or music; sometimes huddling around my laptop just won’t due. But digging behind my HDTV every time I want to connect my laptop to a TV or home theater system can be time consuming and frustrating.

    Did you know though that select VAIO PCs offer a simple solution for streaming content from your laptop to any display? This quick tip covers Intel Wireless Display technology and demonstrates just how simple and convenient it is to use. Hit the link to watch the video.

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  2. Visit a Sony Style Store This Saturday & Wear A Robot by Gina 09/10/2010

    Is it just me or would the post title normally cause you to jump  up with excitement in the notion that finally someone has created a Borg like robot suit to help make the everyday tasks of lifting cars, fighting crime and rocket flying much easier. That’s certainly my Make.Believe moment. Alas. Not yet.   But […]

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  3. Which VAIO would we recommend and why? by Gina 09/09/2010

    Labor Day is over and there’s no question it marks the end of summer. The sky darkens quicker, the weather is cooler and school bells are ringing again. Some people are prepared. Backpacks are loaded up and pencil stacks line the hall closet.  For others, it’s more of a last minute deal snatching up the […]

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  4. Sony’s giving away PiiQ headphones! by Team Sony 09/09/2010

    If you’ve been eyeing Sony’s stylish and colorful PiiQ headphones, now is your chance to win your own pair. Starting this week, we’re giving away one pair of headphones to a lucky fan each day for 50 days. To take part, go to our PiiQ fan page on Facebook and click the giveaway tab. You’ll […]

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  5. Visit A Store. Say The Code. Get a Free T-shirt. by Gina 09/03/2010

    Whether it’s a football team, siding with a celebrity or hoping that a vampire wins over a werewolf – team spirit can be found just about anywhere. In celebration of the recently launched Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone in the US, Sony Style retail stores are joining in on the fun. Beginning September 4th, you […]

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  6. Shoot and Share your “Dash of Inspiration” photo to win cool Sony prizes by Team Sony 08/31/2010

    Today we’re kicking off the Dash of Inspiration contest for all fans of the Sony Dash Facebook page. Share a photo of where your Dash lives or if you don’t have a Dash, where you would put it if you did. Use your creativity and you could win a $50 gift card or our grand prize, a Sony BRAVIA 3D television!

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  7. A Conversation with Brook Aitken, Director of Photography by Gina 08/30/2010

    Brook Aitken is a second generation director of photography and frequent user of Sony’s professional video equipment.  Though Brook is almost always behind the camera, he has been involved in film making for globally recognized brands and more recently the award winning documentary, The Cove. And this isn’t just one of those statements when “award winning” […]

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  8. Just in time for football, new 3D BRAVIA television sets by Team Sony 08/26/2010

    Yes it’s that time of year again, the fantasy football competitions at the office are starting to take shape and at home football fans are getting ready to get their game on. This year will without a doubt, be one of the most exciting for sports fans as 3D home entertainment systems are available and […]

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  9. VAIO News: Recent Tour Stop Recaps + a Contest for You by Team Sony 08/25/2010

    As you’ve been reading, we’ve been up and down both coasts with Billabong on their High Five Movie Tour. And as we roll into the end of August, we’ve approached our final two tour stops in Newport Beach and San Diego.

    Hit the link below to check out video from both events plus try your hand at our VAIO / Billabong pop quiz – answering all three questions correctly could win you 1 of 2 Imperial Lime W Series or 1 of 10 Billabong boardshorts. All the details after the break…[...]

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  10. Backstage Quick Tip #7: Troubleshooting PC Audio Issues by Team Sony 08/23/2010

    Experiencing PC audio playback issues and need help getting sound to play again from your computer? More often than not, problems with audio playback often stem from a user inadvertently disabling a drive or changing a setting.

    In this quick tip, we’ll review the top three most common fixes our Backstage Technicians have found to help solve the case…[...]

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