1. Debuting at e3: A New VAIO L Series all-in-one computer with 3D Technology by Team Sony 06/14/2011

    Last week at the annual mecca of all things gaming, the E3 Expo, a brand new VAIO® PC hit the scene for the first time. The new VAIO L Series all-in-one computer with 3D Technology is a special treat for those who want both a desktop for intense gaming and a productivity tool for fun […]

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  2. Sony Store Spiffs Up VAIO® Section of the Website by Reena 06/14/2011

    Summer is just around the corner. Time for all things new, shiny and bright. In the spirit of summer, we’d like to introduce you to the new VAIO® laptop section of our site. First off, we’ve heard your feedback. There are lots of VAIO® laptop options out there with model numbers literally spanning the alphabet. But […]

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  3. iFixit CEO and SGNL Take Apart a 3D Bloggie® HD Camera (Video) by Gina 06/10/2011

    The 3D Bloggie® HD Camera started shipping last month and we thought what a better way to celebrate that then a tear down? And who better to help us than the internet guru on taking apart gadgets (and honestly putting them back together),’s CEO Kyle Wiens. Accompanied by our newest SGNL host, Samia, Kyle […]

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  4. Just announced: Two new cameras with head turning design and technology by Team Sony 06/08/2011

    Since their introduction last year, the small, powerful NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras and the groundbreaking Alpha Translucent Mirror Technology have taken the world by storm. We’ve heard over and over from both fans and industry affiliates that the size, style, quality and impactful technologies have won over a very competitive audience. Today, we’re proud to announce […]

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  5. (Video) Cyber-shot® WX9 Camera vs. the Competition by Gina 06/07/2011

    Point and shoot cameras can be a tough gadget to buy. First there’s quite a few options out there and many cameras have similar specs. To help with the homework, the SGNL by Sony team took a look at Sony’s Cyber-shot® WX9 Camera and compared it’s features to other similar models including the Nikon Coolpix […]

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  6. Project Shiphunt Team Announced by Team Sony 05/19/2011

    Five science savvy high school students from Saginaw, Michigan are about to embark on a great adventure: Project Shiphunt. The students were selected in part because of their passion for science and technology and will get the once in a lifetime chance to work along with a team of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) […]

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  7. 10 Food Blogging Tips from the “Sony Foodies” by Team Sony 05/17/2011

    Veni, vidi, edi. I came, I saw, I ate – and then shared the experience with everyone. Food blogging: It’s an undeniable trend as more and more people are writing about what they are about to eat, are eating and just ate – online. A recent article on discusses how popular Tweeting on Twitter™, blogging […]

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  8. Picture this: Your Life in Sony 3D by Team Sony 05/10/2011

    Hollywood gave us the first three-dimensional movie 58 years ago, but until now you have not been able to have your own personal moment captured in Sony 3D’s breathtaking reality. If you had a chance to record a single moment in your life in 3D, what moment would you choose? Your wedding? Graduation? Maybe it […]

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  9. Sony & Pogoplug Make Sharing AVCHD™ Files Easy by Gina 05/04/2011

    The term “cloud computing” is quickly becoming part of the everyday lexicon but for many people the definition of cloud computing is still well…a little cloudy. So here is the basic definition. It’s when your data doesn’t reside on your local computer but you can use it like it was on your local computer. Leveraging […]

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  10. Sony audio system featured in 2013 Ford Taurus by Team Sony 04/28/2011

    At the New York International Auto Show last week, Ford Motor Company showcased their new lineup of cars including the brand new 2013 Taurus. Now, if you’ve owned a Ford over the last 10 years, you may not have noticed the fact that your audio system may have been powered by Sony, as the branding […]

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