1. Announced today, the new VAIO® C Series from Sony by Team Sony 02/22/2011

    The eye catching VAIO Concept PCs (pictured above) previewed at the the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year were officially announced today. The VAIO C is an exclusive line of computers featuring a second generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor, Blu-ray Disc™ drive (select models), and AMD Radeon™ 1GB Hybrid Graphics card (select models). Fans at […]

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  2. Vote Sony this weekend! by Team Sony 02/18/2011

    Sony Fans, I have a small homework assignment for you. While you’re online this weekend, cruise on over to two places and show your Sony spirit. First Destination: Thanks to fans like Muciumbe, SonyReaderGirl, kuatolives and many, many more, Sony products have been nominated in a number of categories in the 7th Annual Engadget […]

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  3. Your turn to be in the spotlight with Sony’s make.believe™ Gallery by Team Sony 02/17/2011

    Are you a Sony camera owner? This month all Sony fans are invited to submit pictures to a special Sony make.believe™ Gallery. The idea is to upload a photo that represents how you believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real. If you’ve seen the phrase make.believe, (say make dot believe), it’s the […]

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  4. Play Cupid With A Camera & Score A $25 Sony Style Gift Card by Gina 02/11/2011

    People tend to fall into two categories. The ones that buy the cards, plan the dinners and make the day ever-so-special. Then you have the people that wake up, realize it’s Valentine’s day and think up a reason why the unopened bag of almonds bought at the market qualifies as a Valentine’s Day gift if […]

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  5. Video Tech Tip: How to create a video for social media sites by Team Sony 02/08/2011

    Check out this video from Sony Bloggie spokesman, aka Mystery Guitar Man, Joe. It’s great inspiration for any of you thinking of adding more video to your social communications. Maybe you’re mannerisms, gestures and expressions aren’t as big as Mystery Guitar Man’s but even simple things like a glimpse of your surroundings or a smile […]

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  6. Special DC Universe VAIO Boxed Bundle Launches: Heroes & Villains Need Only Apply by Gina 02/07/2011

    Normally I wouldn’t write about a “bundle” but when I saw this, I thought this might be interesting for some folks. Many of you have been reading the accolades by both PC and PS3 gamers on DC Universe. SGNL actually interviewed comic legend Jim Lee about the design, the villain/hero model and the endless possibilities for new […]

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  7. Awesome Apps wanted! Introducing the Dash App Contest. by Team Sony 02/01/2011

    Do you have an awesome idea for an app you think should be on the Sony Dash personal internet viewer? Come on, we know you have great ideas… and if you’re a Flash developer, here’s your chance to put it in action. Today we kick off the “Create a Dash App Contest” and we’re calling […]

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  8. Vintage Sony Appears in The Social Network movie by Gina 01/31/2011

    Some of you were curious, many of you saw it and the rest of you were skeptical on what the real story is. What I’m talking about is “The Social Network”, a Sony Pictures release who nabbed quite a few nominations this week. For those who have “catch up on movies that were nominated this […]

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  9. Bloggie Touch Software now available for Macs by Team Sony 01/28/2011

    If you’ve purchased a Sony® Bloggie Touch HD Camera and use a Mac computer to manage and upload your photos and video, this blog post is for you. While the camera has always worked with Macs, the software that comes onboard has been limited to PCs. Many Bloggie Touch fans have told us that you […]

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  10. Sony’s Camera & Lens Concept Models by Gina 01/26/2011

    When you go to an electronics show like CES, similar to what you might see at a car show, many brands feature what they call “concept” models in addition to their newly announced product lines.  You may have checked out some of the sci-fi gear in my pal Sukhjit’s post . Then there’s some gadgets […]

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