1. Batter Up by Team Sony 03/26/2008

    Here in Southern California, it seems as though the seasons get a bit blurry as you move from one to another.  But one sure sign that spring is in the air is the start of another baseball season.  Major League Baseball’s opening day games held in Japan between the Red Sox and the A’s are […]

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  2. Sony and "Listenomics:" A New Buzzword by Team Sony 03/21/2008

    I was on a great panel this week during an Ad Age Digital Conference for marketers and advertising executives in New York. The panel was called "Listenomics: So you want to be a conversational marketer." An interesting title with a made-up word (seems to be a lot of those in the world of marketing) I […]

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  3. DSLR Alpha Comments by Team Sony 03/19/2008

    I wanted to take a moment and thank all the DSLR Alpha enthusiasts for their support and input on this product line. From improving our products to providing knowledgeable retail staff for the Alpha at our Sony Style stores, Sony is striving to create a better consumer experience. And believe me, I know we still […]

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  4. Sony Engineers Log Miles to Develop Latest nav-u Models by Team Sony 03/17/2008

      4/8/08 Update: The firmware update in now available. At our annual dealer line show in Vegas recently, Sony re-entered the mobile navigation business with two new nav-u models that our team put through their paces. Greg Herd, product planning manager, is so excited about them that he couldn’t wait to offer his thoughts in […]

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  5. Did You Know there’s a CE Hall of Fame? by Team Sony 03/14/2008

    With the recent news about Madonna, the Dave Clark Five and the latest inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it made me think about doing this brief post about the CE Hall of Fame. That’s right…the Consumer Electronics Association for the last eight years has annually inducted 10-12 industry pioneers into its Hall. […]

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  6. Sony Hits a "Home Run" with Alpha 300 by Team Sony 03/13/2008

    There have been a number of solid reports on the new Alpha 300/350 DSLR cameras introduced recently at PMA. But when I read that David Pogue of the New York Times called the 300 model "a home run for its intended audience: first time DSLR owners," I decided this is clearly one review that merited […]

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  7. Sony’s Green Machine Keeps on Rolling by Team Sony 03/10/2008

    The focus on all things Green continued unabated last week at Sony Electronics.   To begin, Green was a big part of two roundtables with the press that I attended in New York and San Francisco with our president and COO and our SVP of corporate marketing, where we announced that Sony has recycled more than […]

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  8. Sony’s Focus on Customer Service Makes Blog’s First Podcast by Team Sony 03/03/2008

    In 2000 Dan Wiersma joined Sony Electronics to head up the service function for our broadcast and production business.  After meeting the rigorous requirements of these demanding industry professionals, Dan was promoted to senior vice president in charge of customer service for all of Sony’s consumer electronics business in the U.S.  For Sony, this encompasses […]

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  9. Sony’s Making Noise with Digital Voice Recorders by Team Sony 02/28/2008

    One of the folks who have been at Sony Electronics longer than me is Stephen Teplansky, product manager for digital voice recorders in our Digital Imaging and Audio Division. And when it comes to this category of products, there is no one more expert than Steve, so I invited him to serve up the following guest […]

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  10. Latest Walkman Devices Creating Buzz by Team Sony 02/26/2008

    I’m here in Las Vegas (yet again) for Sony’s annual product line show for our dealers from all over the country.  And one of the areas creating some buzz (believe it or not) is our new Walkman lineup. A lot of the focus in the new models is on noise cancelling integration, bigger video displays and […]

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