1. CES Press Conference Rehearsal: Day One by Team Sony 01/05/2008

     It’s early Saturday evening and we just finished our first day of rehearsal for the Sony press conference that will take place tomorrow in our booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show. The main issue for now is that we have a lot to announce and the […]

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  2. Final Countdown to CES by Team Sony 01/03/2008

    As some of you may know, the International Consumer Electronics Show (better known as CES) begins this Monday in Las Vegas. But for me and my team it really gets going on Sunday afternoon when we will be hosting a press conference for some 700 journalists and industry analysts from around the world at our […]

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  3. Ringing in the New Year with Changes to the Sony Blog by Team Sony 12/27/2007

    With the approach of the yearend holidays, the Sony blog elves (in particular, our moderator Jen Peterson) have been busy working on enhancements to this site that will begin in the New Year. One I am particularly excited about is that we’ll be having the five most recent posts come up on the opening blog page. […]

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  4. Flat-panel Parade Marches On; Micro-displays take a Hit by Team Sony 12/20/2007

    This week we began informing our dealers in the U.S. that Sony would be putting our focus in the television business behind our expanding line of flat-panel BRAVIA LCD high-definition TVs at the exclusion of our rear-projection line of micro-display sets, which we will be getting out of early next year. (However, I would expect […]

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  5. Not Invented Here (Almost), But that’s Okay by Team Sony 12/14/2007

    In the U.S., Sony has just added a new commercial to our series of TV spots focusing on how high-definition is part of our DNA. The latest is an adaptation from a popular series created by our colleagues in Europe for BRAVIA flat-panel LCD televisions.  It features a backdrop of the Rolling Stones singing “ She’s A […]

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  6. Dale Jr. and Sony by Team Sony 12/07/2007

      With the launch of Sony’s HDNA campaign, we enlisted two world class performers and consumer electronics enthusiasts, NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., to help us out with our advertising and promotion. (Hopefully, you’ve seen some of it.) But beyond anything we are paying them to do, I’m delighted that […]

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  7. My Sony Picks for the Holidays by Team Sony 11/30/2007

    For the 12 days of Christmas (which is also more than enough to cover the eight days of Hanukkah or the seven days of Kwanzaa), I thought I would take this opportunity to serve up my Sony choices for giving or receiving this year. Of course, my 14-year-old daughter and 19-year-old son might have other ideas, […]

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  8. A Big Sony Thanks by Team Sony 11/21/2007

    With all the holiday travel and turkeys being basted, it seems fitting to take a moment at this time of the year to extend a big round of thanks. To begin, I have so many folks within the world of Sony to thank for supporting me with the launch of this blog. This blog is a […]

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  9. Sony’s Long and Winding Road to CES by Team Sony 11/19/2007

    Sorry I haven’t posted for over a week. I have been traveling around the world – first to Tokyo and then to New York in the course of five days – to help prepare for Sony’s major announcements, press events and other activities at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off in Las Vegas with […]

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  10. Sony’s BRAVIA Internet Video Link or "BIVL" for Short by Team Sony 11/09/2007

    One thing I can say about Sony with a touch of humility is that while we sure do create some truly outstanding and innovative products, we could use a little help in naming them. The most recent example is the new BRAVIA Internet Video Link.  In its first incarnation, this device comes in the form […]

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