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How much equipment does it take to film 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™?

by Suzy 07/14/2014

worldcupeffortThe game may be over but one thing we can all agree on. It certainly made for exciting TV viewing. Regardless of who you rooted for, Sony was there, capturing every minute of the tournament. About 150,000 minutes of HD and 4K footage from all across Brazil to be more precise. That’s the equivalent of travelling time to the moon and back twelve times.

You might think that we’re crazy for doing all this – and you might even be right! But we do it because we’re committed to giving you guys the best viewing experience possible; no matter how many interstellar trips it takes. For more fun facts, check out the infographic below (source: Sony UK).

 SON1034 FIFA Microsite_phase1a_v11

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  1. gary C wrote: July 15, 2014 3:21am

    What a production! I am sure there were many Hick ups but you folks pulled it off and we never noticed. The video looked great and the sound was just as good.


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