PlayMemories Mobile App V.4.0 Launches Plus A Key Firmware Upgrade Is Coming- UPDATED

by Gina 12/20/2013

***Update: You can find the System Software Update for the QX10 here and for the QX100 here ***

This week Sony announced plans for software and firmware updates aimed at improving the overall usability, speed and functionality of the Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 “Lens-Style” Cameras.

PlayMemories Mobile™ app V.4.0 is now available in both the Google Play™ and App Store. This mobile app will work with all Sony Wi-Fi enabled cameras in addition to the Cyber-shot QX series.  The updated app features:

  • Embedded Photo Browser – A “Quick Viewer” photo browser has been added to the PlayMemories Mobile application, which will allow for seamless navigation between shooting images and viewing images in playback mode.
  • “Thumbnail View” is available for all images taken w/ the app
  • Single image view by tapping on thumbnail


Thumbnail View” is available for all images taken w/ the app:


Single image view by tapping on thumbnail

  • Improved Speed and Functionality – The newest version of the application will have improved connectivity speed when linking to devices running the Apple iOS™ platform.  More specifically, connection start up time will be approximately twice as fast compared to previous versions of the PlayMemories Mobile application.  Come spring of ’14, there will be a seconds software update to improve connectivity speed with Android devices.

Additionally, there will be a firmware update for QX cameras in January which will add a variety of exciting capabilities including:

  • Full HD Movie Recording (QX100 and QX10): Both of the Cyber-shot QX Series cameras will have the ability to shoot Full HD 1080p video (1920×1080@30p in MP4) after the firmware update.
  • Shutter Priority (“S”) Mode (QX100 only):  The Shutter Priority (“S”) mode will be added to the QX100 camera to allow direct access control to shutter speed.
  • Expanded ISO Shooting Range (QX100 and QX10):  Each of the cameras will be able to shoot at higher ISO settings for greater versatility in low-light conditions.  The QX10 camera will be expanded from max ISO 1600 to max ISO 3200.  The QX100 camera will be expanded from max ISO 3200 to max ISO 12800.


    “S” Shutter Priority Mode on QX100


    ISO Control on QX100 in “S” Mode

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  1. Dennis Garbacik wrote: December 24, 2013 8:35am

    I just purchased 4 of your SDHC1 16gb 40mb/sec, class 10 cards. When I format them in my Nikon D7100 the display says I can fit 202 images on it. When I do the same with my Sandisk Ultra 16gb cards, the display shows 296 images possible. Any idea as to why there’s such a big difference? Thanks.

  2. Piotr wrote: December 25, 2013 9:54am

    not working with samsung Galaxy s4 android 4.3 and hdr- AS30v

  3. abel zavala wrote: January 9, 2014 10:08am

    Loving my time with the QX100. While it does have it share of issues I am glad Sony is addressing them with the app and lens firmware updates. Any ETA on the firmware update?

  4. Lorena Padilla wrote: January 30, 2014 9:46am

    It’s January 30th and still no firmware update for the qx10. Can we have a link or something?

  5. Adelmo Jackson wrote: February 4, 2014 7:54am

    Muito interessante!


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